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About Rochester Electronics

The Semiconductor Lifecycle Solution™

Rochester Electronics is the world’s largest continuous source of semiconductors–100% Authorized by over 70 leading semiconductor manufacturers. Rochester's comprehensive semiconductor lifecycle solutions include authorized distribution, licensed manufacturing, and manufacturing services.

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The Semiconductor Lifecycle Solution

As an original manufacturer stocking distributor, Rochester has over 15 billion devices in stock encompassing over 200,000-part numbers, providing the world’s most extensive range of end-of-life and broadest range of active semiconductors.

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Rochester Solutions

Rochester Electronics is The Semiconductor Lifecycle Solution™ offering authorized distribution, licensed manufacturing and manufacturing services.

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High Demand Texas Instruments products

Authorized by TI Worldwide, Rochester Electronics is the only Texas Instruments authorized provider of mature, discontinued and factory overstock products.

The Authorized Source for Ampleon

Through their exclusive partnership with Rochester Electronics, Ampleon’s VDMOS RF Power devices will continue to offer solutions for Broadcast, ISM, Aerospace, and Defense Communication applications.

The continuous source for ON Semiconductor

Rochester Electronics is an authorized distributor and licensed manufacturer of ON Semiconductor, offering over 7 billion ON Semiconductor devices encompassing power, analog, and intelligent sensing solutions.

ON Semiconductor devices