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No matter what phase of the product lifecycle you’re in, learn how you can design your next project with the most coveted technology to hit the market. Browse more information on our highlighted products below.



Xccela™ Flash Memory

A high-speed Octal SPI NOR flash solution designed to revolutionize how the electronics industry develops systems to meet the demand for “instant-on” performance and fast system responsiveness in automotive, industrial, and consumer applications.

Micron Xccela™ Flash Memory


Infineon DC-DC PoL Power

Infineon’s Integrated POL switching converters deliver benchmark efficiency and dramatically reduce system size.

Pulse Electronics

AoT of IoT

Pulse Antennas can help reach optimized RF performances for your IoT devices enabling ecosystems of people and devices to connect together.


Build it Your Way With Intel Products

Revolutionizing computing to help you build solutions exactly how your customers need them.

Amphenol SV MIcrowave

High Frequency and Performance PCB Connectors

Industries are requiring higher frequencies to optimize high speed applications. Amphenol SV Microwave’s millimeter wave PCB connectors have the high precision, quality and frequency solutions for you.


Maxim Power Management

Portable devices in the consumer market share the same challenge: they are highly constrained on size - visualize your ears narrow canal or lifestyle solutions that need to be sleek & fashionable. All these devices need to have a long battery life.

MAXIM 32620FTHT Board


NXP Crossover Processor i.MX RT Series

i.MX RT series bridges the gap between the traditional MCUs and the i.MX space, allowing MCU customers a path for significant performance and integration improvements, without sacrificing ease-of-use.


What’s New From Maxim

Want new products? Maxim has new products for specific applications as well as general purpose products for many applications. See the latest (and greatest) products that Maxim has to offer.


Maxim Automotive Solutions

Automotive consumers continue to demand increased efficiency along with added features for safety and convenience. To meet the consumer’s needs, manufacturers are now including advanced systems that employ the latest technologies in their vehicles.

smart car


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Advanced Push-Pull Connector Solutions

ODU offers highly reliable connection technology. The ODU Push-Pull circular connectors secure themselves and offer high performance and high durability.

Intel-optimize connected solutions

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Optimize connected solutions with Intel

Learn more about the portfolio of embedded SSDs to help your solutions reliably capture, store and manage data.


Molex Home Automation

Today’s antennas transmit and receive unprecedented amounts of data, key in engineering the connected homes of tomorrow. From security and surveillance to home automation and energy solutions, Molex can turn the smart home dream into reality.


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Power & Processors

Take your design capabilities virtually anywhere.

ITT Cannon

Cannon’s ruggedized connectors

Cannon’s ruggedized KPT/KPSE 26482 Series mini-circular connectors optimize performance in the harshest environments.

ITT Cannon’s Ruggedized 26482 Connectors

Avnet and TE - Guiding Small Business

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Guiding Small Business to Big Success

Learn now Avnet & TE are helping startups get their ideas to market.

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New Innovative Products from Molex

Molex provides a wide variety of innovative products to help solve your next design challenges. See what’s new this month.

Laird high performance engineering antenna solutions

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Laird Technologies

Laird high performance engineering antenna solution

Laird antenna solutions help you meet and exceed the wireless connectivity challenges in today’s world. We are a leader in the design, development and delivery of innovative technologies.

Laird Technologies multiband antenna


i.MX 8M

Industry-Leading Solution for Media and Broad Embedded Applications


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New Products for Leading Industrial Equipment

SCHURTER’s product innovation focuses on safe supply of power and making the interface between human and machine easier.

TE Connectivity Sensor Solutions - Grid

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TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity Sensor Solutions

TE offers an unmatched portfolio of sensors for applications across a wide range of industries, Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Appliance and Aerospace & Defense.

TE Connectivity Sensor Solutions

Texas Instruments Newest Products - Grid

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Texas Instruments

Newest products

TI’s unique combination of comprehensive analog portfolio, application insight and design support help engineers deliver differentiated designs faster and more easily.

TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity Power Park

Find the right solution for your design in an increasingly connected world. Power Park is an interactive selection tool to assist you in the selection of the most appropriate connectivity solutions for your designs.


Bel Brands & Products

Did you know that there are many brands and products in the Bel family? Take a deeper look into Bel’s offerings in Power Solutions, Magnetics, Protection, Connectivity and Connectors.

modern datacenter


Design with Avnet

Kick start your next design with a development board or SOM designed or engineered by Avnet. We specialize in FPGA and IoT based designs and offer a variety of products from evaluation kits through full development platforms.

Dialog Semiconductor - Smartbond - Grid

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Dialog Semiconductor

SmartBond™ DA1458x

The DA14580 is the world's smallest, lowest power and most integrated Bluetooth® low energy solution. It gives you the freedom to develop the Bluetooth 4.2 applications you want to, without compromise.


Dell Edge Gateway 5000

Collect, analyze, relay and act on Internet of Things data at the edge of the network with this IoT gateway purpose-built for building and industrial automation.


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Carling Technologies

Handle high DC voltage with a compact breaker

The CX-Series circuit breaker features an innovative configuration allowing it to safely handle high DC voltage applications in a space saving size. It offers 1-5 poles with ratings from 1-125 amps, up to 600VDC. UL 489, UL 489B, UL 1077 & TUV.

Samtec 28Gbps Interconnect Portfolio - Grid

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Samtec 28Gbps+ Interconnect Portfolio

Samtec provides engineers the service, products, tools and resources to optimize the entire system signal chain from the backplane to the front panel..

Samtec 28 Gbps+ Interconnect Portfolio


Avnet SOMs Connectors

Avnet has simplified the physical connection between its SOMs their accompanying carrier cards by utilizing market leading interconnect solutions from their interconnect partners.

Avnet SOMs Connectors

Renesas Synergy Platform - Grid

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Synergy™ platform

Renesas introduces such a platform that is supported so you can start your application software development immediately at the API level without worry.

Renesas Synergy Platform