Innovative Solutions for the Internet of Things

Many IoT applications that involve monitoring physical conditions often rely on battery powered nodes in their sensors. This means that for the billions of battery-based devices pouring into the Internet of Things, power efficiency is a number one design criteria. Because some circuits need to continually be running, ensuring low power consumption for a long battery life is a key part of an IoT application. However, there’s also a strong need for balancing power considerations with overall performance.

Designers need product portfolios that range from sensor to cloud, with the kinds of sensors, connectivity solutions, actuators and power capabilities to match the needs of the global IoT market, poised to grow to possibly half a trillion dollars in the next few years.

With unmatched expertise in power management, a broad portfolio of sensor solutions, and development kits and platforms, Avnet and ON Semiconductor give you the power to find the optimal solution for your IoT applications.

ON Semiconductor provides configurable, end-to-end, rapid prototyping platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT). These platforms enable development of energy efficient solutions for smart homes/buildings, smart cities, industrial IoT (Predictive Maintenance, Asset Monitoring, etc.) and personal IoT (Wearables, activity monitors, etc.) Offering a wide range of choices including configurable hardware, multiple cloud connectivity, easy-to-use development software, and application examples, these platforms reduce time-to-market and allow rapid deployment of IoT-enabled products from SiCs to SiPs, dongles and more.


IoT Development Kits (IDK & B-IDK)

Internet ubiquity now allows cloud-based management of any device with a monumental impact on service offerings, efficiency, cost, scalability and reliability. Critical to this is the ability to Power, Sense, Connect, and Actuate in a highly energy and cost efficient manner. With optimized power consumption and easy connectivity to smartphones, Bluetooth® Low Energy is the preferred protocol for short-range connected devices including wearables, Health and smart home devices.

The Bluetooth IoT Development Kit (B-IDK) is a Bluetooth IoT Kit for rapid prototyping of Industrial IoT, Smart City/Building, and Health applications. The BDK-DCDC-GEVB, is an adapter board needed to power higher power daughter cards or shields attached to the BDK-GEVK. The BDK-DCDC-GEVB plugs into the BDK-GEVK baseboard to provide power to higher power shields such as the Dual LED Ballast, Stepper Motor and Brushless DC Motor Control. Learn more about ON Semiconductor’s market leading solutions in each of these areas below.

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Bluetooth Low Energy Switch

The Energy Harvesting Bluetooth® Low Energy Switch is a complete reference design which is ideal for battery-less applications including home and building automation, industrial, mHealth, and transportation. The first of a family of energy harvesting devices for IoT, the Bluetooth Low Energy Switch features the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth 5 radio (RSL10) and a high-efficiency harvester switch from ZF Electronic.

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Bluetooth 5 Multi-Sensor Development Kit

The RSL10 Sensor Development Kit is a compact and a comprehensive platform to easily develop IoT applications with leading sensor technology and the industry's lowest power Bluetooth ® Low Energy SoC. Several applications including industrial wearables, asset monitoring, smart sensing solutions can be easily developed on this platform.

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RSL10 Solar Cell Multi-Sensor Platform

The RSL10 Solar Cell Multi-Sensor platform is a complete, low-cost solution for developing self-powered sensor nodes using harvested solar energy. Based on the RSL10 SIP- the industry's lowest power Bluetooth ® 5 radio, the RSL10 Solar Cell Multi-Sensor platform supports continuous Bluetooth Low Energy transmission of sensor information without requiring any batteries. The fully-integrated platform features multiple smart sensors, an ultra-low quiescent current LDO regulator (NCP170), and a 2-port connector for the provided solar cell (FlexRB-25-7030 from Ribes Tech). Also included is a low-profile 47 uF storage capacitor and a programming and debug interface.

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ON Semiconductor’s help designers prototype and develop solutions across the IoT—and essential to that process is connectivity. Ultra-low power connectivity enables an entirely new suite of innovation that not only is easy to implement but also facilitates rapid deployment.


Connected Lighting Platform for LED Control

The Connected Lighting Platform is a modular development kit for prototyping cost-effective, industrial LED lighting solutions. The platform is extremely energy efficient and features wireless control (on/off, dimming, etc.) and two independently controlled LED channels that provide a maximum brightness of 7000 lumens.

The base platform comprises of four components:

  • An LED module, supporting 2 strings (warm white and cool white) of 16 LEDs
  • A Bluetooth(R) Low Energy connectivity board featuring RSL10 SIP
  • An AC/DC power board (Vin AC: 90 - 270V, Vout DC: 55V, Pout electrical: 70W, Power Factor > 0.99 at full load) An LED driver board featuring FL7760 (Dimming down to 0.6%, Telemetry data, 12-bit PWM)
  • LIGHTING-POWER-POE-GEVB board for Power over Ethernet connectivity up to 90 Watts

The platform provides several LED control functionalities using the RSL10 Sense and Control mobile app (IoS, Google Play) or web client. The platform is supported by a comprehensive development environment, including a CMSIS-Pack featuring customizable firmware, Free RTOS, and various use cases.


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Wired Connectivity

ON Semiconductor has released a complete family of KNX transceiver ICs, suitable for use in all kinds of KNX applications, from the most simple and low cost, to the more complex which require more features and higher performance. 20V LDO plus two high efficiency DC-DC converters in one device enable high power applications and result in low BOM size and decreased cost. All members of the ON Semiconductor KNX family assure safe coupling to and decoupling from the bus and can be used as bit transceivers in analogue mode if required.

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Sub-1 GHz Connectivity

Proprietary RF allows system designers to customize the protocol to support their application needs. The designers can minimize on-air time to lower the power consumption to the bare minimum. Proprietary protocols allow for products to be truly differentiated in the marketplace when interoperability is not required. Another advantage is there is no forced maintenance or upgrade cycles.

ON Semiconductor has an extremely flexible software programmable sub-GHz radio core that allows the implementation of nearly all proprietary and even standards-based communication protocols. Our radios have exceptional receive sensitivity and excellent link budgets, enabling robust and economical RF products to be developed.

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RSL 10 SiP

Fully certified to worldwide wireless standards (FCC, CE, IC, KCC*, MIC), the RSL10 SIP significantly reduces time to market by removing the need for any additional antenna design considerations.

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Power Over Ethernet

The Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Powered Device (PD) Interface Controller NCP1095 contains all features needed to implement an IEEE.3bt, IEEE 802.3af, and/or IEEE 802.3at application.



LDO Regulator, Ultra-Low 50nA Iq, with Dual Power Mode, 80mA

The NCP171 is a Dual mode LDO offering up to 80 mA in Active Mode and as low as 50 nA of Iq in Low Power Mode. The Dual Mode function is selectable with the ECO pin allowing for dynamic switching between Active and Low Power Modes, ideal in long life battery powered wireless applications. The output Voltage in Low Power mode can be lowered by an internally factory programmed value ranging 50 mV, 100 mV, 150 mV or 200 mV with respect to the nominal output voltage in Active Mode. This feature further lowers the application consumption in sleep mode. The NCP171 is in the SLIQ (Super Low Iq) LDO family with an Ultra-Low Quiescent current of 50nA and is available in small XDFN4 1.2 x 1.2 package.


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Image Sensors for IoT Vision

A broad portfolio of pixel resolutions and sizes, combined with technology leadership in global shutter, HDR, Near-IR, LED Flicker Mitigation, and more, provides unmatched choice in picking the right sensor for your application.

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USB Type-C & PD

ON Semiconductor’s Type-C/PD portfolio is the lowest in power and most flexible design, which allows customers to future proof their designs and adapt with non-compliant devices on the market. ON Semiconductor also provides the only open source reference code on the market, allowing customers full access to the PD stack to customize and control as needed.




Watch Video: Discover 200W 4-Port Reference Design
Watch Video: Discover 100W 2-Port Reference Design


24V LDOs

ON Semiconductor is driving innovation in energy-efficient electronics, empowering customers to create exciting new applications with ON’s power, analog and sensor semiconductor solutions while increasing energy efficiency and reducing global energy use.

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