Every product your design requires

Avnet has nearly a century of experience working with customers—from startups, to established OEMs—across all market segments. We know firsthand that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work. Each situation is unique and, to provide you with exceptional support, we have to be prepared for them all.

To meet that challenge, Avnet offers a comprehensive portfolio of component and embedded technologies from the world’s leading suppliers. As an authorized source, our products come straight from the factory. With a value-added Avnet partnership, you can count on us for unbiased product recommendations, technical support for all of our products, and services to complement your resources in operations and engineering—every step of the way.  We also maintain a robust inventory, deep factory order pipelines, and tailored supply-chain solutions to fit your business model.

When you work with Avnet, here are the technologies we’re ready to support:


Avnet will show you how to ensure the analog signals being captured are quickly and accurately converted to your processor.


We know the chemistry, the physics and all the other science behind battery technology and break it down into understandable, actionable information for you.

Boards and Modules

Avnet’s board and module portfolio gives you every option you’ll need, now and into the future.

Cloud and Data Center

Avnet will help you bring the cloud down to earth. Our tools and partner network provide the platform to deliver your application and delight your customers.


The Avnet team has a profound electromechanical know-how and use our knowledge to guide you to a successful outcome.

Enclosures and Peripherals - Grid

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Enclosures and Peripherals

Our team understands your system, the components that go into it and the way you are looking to position your company in the market.

Industrial PC

Industrial PC

Avnet Embedded offers a wide range of industrial PCs with flexible and customizable configurations to drive the control and management applications you’re creating.


For years, Avnet has set the world standard for helping designers integrate interconnect products into their products for end-market applications.

Memory and Storage

Avnet takes the guess work out of designing in the right memory and storage solution. In the rapidly changing world of memory and storage, we ensure not a single detail is forgotten.


Having Avnet guide you through the processor selection process will save you time doing research and lead you to the right selection to deliver breakthrough performance.


Avnet has a wide range of server options and our system engineers will guide you to the one best matched to your strategy.


Whether you’re developing a network appliance or you need your device to be network compatible, Avnet is the partner to take you from concept to solution.

Programmable Logic

Avnet will take the complexity out of integrating programmable logic into your product and show you how to leverage Intellectual Property (IP) cores to take it to the next level.


Navigating through the layers of the software stack to make this happen requires a partner that understands all software components, Avnet is that partner.


As the primary partner for the majority of the world’s leading producers of passive electronic components, Avnet is the authorized source you can count on.

RF Wireless

When you want a partner with deep experience designing successful RF and wireless applications, you’ll want Avnet.

Visual Solutions

Avnet will make sure your application shines through the visual solution we help design into your application. We’ll help you select the right technology to create an unforgettable user experience.


Avnet will show you the right power solution whether you’re designing power components onto your board or using an AC/DC supply in your system.


At Avnet, we go the extra mile with experienced technical experts and sensor design tools to help you quickly create a complete sensor signal chain.