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There’s a real surge in improving performance and intelligence in industrial applications and you’re ready to capitalize on the opportunity. Automation, predictive maintenance and managing power efficiently all lead to one thing, improved productivity and profitability. Partnering with Avnet will get your innovation into the market faster and deliver the results you’re looking for.

Avnet offers a wide range of industrial PCs with flexible and customizable configurations to drive the control and management applications you’re creating.


Standard off the shelf to fully custom and all points in between

The engine that drives your system needs to be both high-performance and rugged. You’ll want a lot of I/O options with connections that support the most popular industrial standards and protocols. To round out the system, you’ll want touch panels for human-machine interface (HMI) and the ability to scale storage and memory along with processing horsepower. Our team can address all of this and guide you to the configuration that matches up with your requirements.

Avnet’s MSC Technologies brand of industrial PCs and embedded systems are designed specifically for industrial environments. The product line has four categories:

  • Standard: These systems come in industry standard form factors and are designed for rapid deployment where customization is not required. They offer excellent performance and rich features that align across a wide range of applications.
  • Modified Standard: A standard system with customization to the bezel or paint. You get the look you want without having to invest time and resources in engineering system functionality.
  • Semi-Custom: If you want to change functional blocks in the system such as the motherboard, storage and memory or put the system in a different enclosure -, we’ll create a semi-custom industrial PC to your specifications.
  • Full-Custom: When you want things designed and built specifically around your vision, we’ve got the tools and know how to get the job done. From 3-D CAD design and printed circuit board layout to manufacturing and custom enclosures, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485-certified for medical devices, adhering to the strictest of quality standards.


Industrial pc solutions

Industrial PCs designed with the end market in mind

Your Industrial PC is going to be used in a variety of harsh environments. Exposure to the elements, potentially corrosive chemicals and minerals or significant shock and vibration will take down a lot of systems. Avnet has partnered with a number of world leading industrial PC manufacturers whose embedded systems can withstand extreme operating conditions.

These systems are rated to IP67 to keep moisture and dust out of sensitive electronics. We can also provide sealed units with special coatings to withstand exposure to salt or other corrosive elements. Finally, for factory and heavy machinery, we design features into the enclosure to absorb vibration or rough handling. Our industrial PCs also come in a number of different form factors, including panel PCs for touch screen applications.

Once you’re ready to get your product onto the market, Avnet will keep your brand front and center with custom packaging. We’ll also take care of the logistics, installation, maintenance, and warranty support while your equipment is in the field. And when it’s time to replace a unit with your next generation innovation, our recycling services will ensure everything is taken care of in the most environmentally friendly manner.

Please contact your local Avnet specialist to discuss your vision or complete this form and we’ll contact you.

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Custom Services

You want your application to stand out and deliver unlike anything on the market. To have things the way you imagine them you’ll need to customize your product.

Custom Services

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Hardware integration & software configuration

We’ve shown you how to make your vision into a product the market will demand, now it's time to build it.

Hardware integration, software configuration



There is an exciting resurgence of investment and innovation around industrial equipment and infrastructure happening right now.



Boards and modules

You have a lot of great ideas on how to deliver your application to the market. You know consumer and industrial devices come in all sizes and shapes.

Boards and Modules