Enhance building performance & owner experience

Avnet’s Smart Building solution can help you make your building more energy efficient and also deliver better service to your tenants and buyers. The connectivity and data generated by IoT-enabled buildings can be used to identify and solve unmet tenant/consumer demands. Benefits of the solution include:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Tenant management
  • Overall building usage statistics
  • Low operational cost
  • Security management
  • Building performance management

Solution features

  • HVAC monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance alerts
  • Parking space usage analytics
  • Capacity vs. occupancy ratio
  • Smart room booking
  • Indoor positioning
  • Heat map of the entire building
  • Predict future occupancy patterns
  • Smart structural health monitoring
  • Smart trash bins

Apps for all types of users:

  • Management
  • Visitors
  • Tenants
  • Building superintendents

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