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Today’s consumers and commercial property operators expect connected, intelligent devices and systems in every aspect of their lives or businesses. Consumers seek convenience, while commercial operators demand efficiency. You see the potential these opportunities present and have an innovative idea to capitalize.

You also realize that turning your concept into a product and getting it to market is not an easy task. Fortunately, partnering with Avnet provides you with a clear path to overcoming challenges and delivering a winning solution into the market quickly.

To realize your vision, tap into our decades of experience helping companies design, build and deliver proven home and building automation solutions. We shorten design cycles and get you to market faster. In fact, many of our customers have cut their development time in half by relying on Avnet expertise to guide their development process.

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Deep expertise in every facet of home and building automation applications

Whether you’re developing a smart-home appliance or a system to control all of the functions in a commercial building, you need a partner who understands the associated standards, security aspects and data models. With Avnet, you have access to a team of experts who not only understand the standards, we actually helped create them.

We know the ins and outs of standards found in home and building automation, including EnOcean, KNX®, Thread, LonWorks and BACnet just to name a few. In addition our team has expertise with using multiple connectivity standards across your application such as Bluetooth™\BLE and Wi-Fi™.

We’ll guide you to the right standard to follow for your specific application. And with our global reach, we can guide you through the standards you’ll need to follow in markets you are looking to export to. From there, we work with you to create a standards-based design.

Our knowledge also extends into security. We’ll explain the different options for encryption, along with the use of public or private keys and guide you to the best choice for you. The same holds true for wired or wireless connectivity. We’ll find the right fit for your application and help you design it into your device or system.

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Design tools and services

As you move into design, Avnet offers reference designs to help you refine your software code and validate your system components. These tools are specific to the standards and features you’re likely to implement in your design.

Our tools integrate all of the functions found in a home-and-building application into a single platform, including sensing, wireless connectivity and connections to cloud services. This gives you the chance to evaluate your design from a system-level perspective, giving you optimum performance. Along the way, our factory trained and certified engineers provide unbiased recommendations, drawing from the home-and-building automation designs they themselves have created.


Create a home and building automation solution with Avnet

We also provide the technology options needed to build your application, enabling you to design a board with components such as processors, analog and interconnect. If you prefer embedded system building blocks, we offer boards, wireless and add-on modules in different form factors and performance options. If your focus is on developing Intellectual Property (IP) and you need a hardware appliance to run your code, we provide a variety of servers or integrated systems to meet your needs.

Avnet is ready to help you get your home and building automation solution off the ground and into the market. To begin the journey, contact your local Avnet specialist or complete this form and we’ll respond right away.

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Technology Solutions

IoT solutions from STMicoelectronics

ST’s products and solutions help create smart home appliances that can be interconnected.

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New Products

NXP smart connected home

NXP is leading supplier of multicore solutions for home gateway applications with single, dual and quad core communications processors tools, technical documents and application specific training for your connected home design.


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Creating smarter buildings

Building automation encompasses a variety of systems and sub-systems which integrate to provide a holistic experience for the individual, the tenant and management.

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The thread platform for innovative designs

NXP Leveraging the Thread Platform for Innovative Designs. For the IoT in the home to become a reality, companies need an open ecosystem approach.