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Transform Your Thinking with Avnet & ON Semiconductor

For the modern designer, there’s no time to waste when it comes to delivering innovation in a variety of growth verticals quickly. However, it's also no small feat to launch new products when the fast-moving automotive, IoT and industrial markets are more competitive than ever. The highly differentiated power management, analog and sensor solutions from ON Semiconductor can make it faster and easier to turn opportunities into unbeatable products. Plus, Avnet has helped designers like you discover new ways to deliver across tens of thousands of design projects—especially as a long-standing design partner of ON Semiconductor.

Avnet's product development ecosystem sports an extensive team of specialists that offer design, development and deployment services to engineers with interconnect, sensors, wireless, passive, power supplies and battery products and more. ON Semiconductor delivers solutions—components, design tools and knowledge—to enable key technologies like adaptive driver assistance systems (ADAS), low powered Internet of Things (IoT) applications and end-to-end industrial and factory automation solutions.

Instead of just receiving a portfolio of parts, we bring you a portfolio of high-performing solutions and associated technologies that enable you to take concepts and turn them into smart connected designs across a wide range of applications. It's never too late to transform your thinking around what technology solutions providers can do for you.



ADAS is driving electric and autonomous vehicle innovation, and LIDAR is critical in showing the way. To make sure your automotive designs are as safe as they are exciting, work with Avnet and ON Semiconductor.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

With unmatched expertise in power management, a broad portfolio of sensor solutions, and development kits and platforms, Avnet and ON Semiconductor give you the power to find the optimal IoT solutions.

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Across industrial automation, home automation, robotics and machine vision, ON Semiconductor and Avnet provide comprehensive solutions and design support for the extensive range of industrial and motor-based systems.