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Nothing is more important on or off the battlefield than reliable military systems. They require efficient use of space without sacrificing reliability, adding unnecessary weight or compromising mission effectiveness. TE's expertise in interconnection products and systems helps ensure complete system compatibility for challenging applications in defense environments. Complexity of weapons systems, power distribution, networking and soldier systems is growing rapidly. TE helps to simplify interconnections, increase performance, and enhance reliability to achieve greater accuracy, faster response and better communications.

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The MULTIGIG RT 2 connector, the standard for VITA 46, represents a huge step forward in the world of rugged computing and C4ISR enabling technology. The connectors support speeds up to 10 Gb/s, providing a comfortable performance margin in VPX applications.

This modular connector system features a protected pinless backplane connector and wafer-based design in place of pin contacts. Wafers, available for differential, single-ended, and power needs, can be easily modified to support specific customer needs for characteristic impedance, propagation delay, and other electrical parameters. This lightweight connector system also offers built in ESD features, enabling field serviceability, and is fully qualifies for VITA 47 environments.

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TE Connectivity MULTIGIG RT 2 connectors

VITA 66 Optical Modules

The VITA 66 standard for optics gives you the choice of MT array connectors, ARINC 801 termini, or expanded beam (EB) contacts using a common module. With an aerospace pedigree, each style of termini offers different benefits in terms of density, ruggedness, repairability, and other characteristics.

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TE Connectivity VITA 66 Optical Modules


VITA 67 RF modules from TE are modular systems designed specifically to allow backplane/daughtercard multi-contact mating within a robust platform to withstand the mechanical rigors of military and aerospace applications. They are also fully compatible with VPX packaging to make it easy and convenient to achieve RF connectivity within a well-established architecture.

The contacts tolerate generous misalignment to allow blind mating and be configured to eliminate the possibility of stubbing. The contacts are housed in robust stainless steel or aluminum modules that hold four or eight contacts. The modules are configured to provide RFI/EMI shielding between the RF contacts and provide a high level of adjacent channel isolation of at least 100 dBc up through 40 GHz.

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TE Connectivity VITA 67 RF modules

Resource document:

Embedded Computing for Board-Level Interconnects

369 Series

369 series connectors from TE Connectivity (TE) have been designed to meet today’s tightening industry regulations and Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems (EWIS) best practices. Based on EN4165/ARINC 809 connectors, the lightweight, compact 369 series connectors, available in 3, 6, and 9 positions standard, are suited for applications where fewer contacts are needed in each connector and shielding is unnecessary.

Installation and maintenance of cabling is simple, quick, and reliable with a range of individually color-coded keying options. Each mated half of the connector can be configured with either male or female contacts, doubling the keying configurations available and electrically protecting contacts on the powered side of a system.

The connectors are fully sealed for use in areas with high levels of moisture. High-performance composite materials help meet the low smoke, toxicity and flammability requirements of the aerospace industry.

TE Connectivity 369 series connectors

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Resource document:

369 Series Connector Guide

CeeLok FAS-T Connector

CeeLok FAS-T connectors offer a small form factor, field terminable I/O connector capable of 10Gb/s Ethernet. Crimp-snap contacts enable easy termination and field repairability. The integral backshell offers easy 360-degree shield termination.

Resource Document: CeeLok FAS-T Connector Guide

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TE Connectivity CeeLok FAS-T connectors

CeeLok FAS-X

CeeLok FAS-X connectors with industry proven AS39029 contacts were designed for rugged environments and provide reliable, consistent high-speed performance.

Resource Document: CeeLok FAS-X Connector Guide

Search Part Families: 33525M11-08SN |33526M11-08PN

TE Connectivity CeeLok FAS-X Connectors

Circular Backshells

TE supplies a comprehensive range of circular backshells that can assist in providing effective strain relief, environmental sealing and electromagnetic interference (EMI)/radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding, helping you meet today’s challenges in demanding environments, across many market sectors.

Resource Document: Circular Backshell Guide

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TE Connectivity Circular Backshells

Black Zinc

With the tightening environmental regulations seeking to reduce or eliminate the use of cadmium, TE now offers black zinc nickel plating as an alternative to cadmium plating. With great electrical performance and sustainable environmental performance, black zinc nickel finishes give the same high level of corrosion resistance—withstanding 500-hour salt-spray testing for connectors and accessories and 1000 hours for AS85049 backshells—and temperature range as cadmium finishes.

Because black zinc nickel and cadmium have similar electrical potentials, parts with different platings can be mated with minimum risk of galvanic corrosion. Zinc nickel-pated parts can thus be easily integrated into existing applications where cadmium-plated connectors are used.

Resource Document: Black Zinc Nickel-Plated Connectors and Backshells brochure

TE Connectivity Black Zinc Nickel-Plated Connectors

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Hermetic connectors are used to separate an inert atmosphere or vacuum on one side from wide-ranging high-pressure, high temperature, or corrosive conditions on the other. They are also used to maintain a pressure differential between the two sections. In short, DEUTSCH hermetic connectors are designed to help provide a continuously gas-tight seal while withstanding: high pressures, extreme temperatures and high vibration

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TE Connectivity Hermetic connectors

Resource document:

Hermetic Connectors Brochure

TE Connectivity (TE) high-performance relays, contactors and switches are designed specifically to operate in extremely rigorous environments in military and aerospace applications. Our relay products include COTS (commercial off-the-shelf), Mil-Spec, plus highly specialized, and custom-designed products. These high-performance products are designed to withstand extreme shock, vibration, temperature and altitude.

TE Connectivity high-performance relays

CII Relays

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TE Connectivity high-performance relays


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Resource document:

Relays, Contactors, Solenoids and Power Distribution Brochure

Achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in some of the toughest and most severe application environments with TE’s passive electronic components. TE has been leading the trend of moving to application specific value-added subsystems. These engineered solutions cut your engineering time, lower manufacturing costs, and increase reliability.

  • Shorten the design cycle and reduce costs
  • Increase reliability
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Meet the demanding requirements for lighter, faster, more capable systems

TE Connectivity passive electronic components

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Resource document:

Pushing the performance envelope: Wire and Cable Brochure

Harness components

TE Connectivity (TE) offers solutions for enhanced connectivity that are designed for extreme environments, from the deepest oceans to the far reaches of space. In your relentless pursuit to save space and weight and improve data delivery and power, you will find that Aerospace, Defense & Marine (AD&M) is ready to collaborate with your design team to help you go to market more quickly with smarter and better interconnect solutions.

TE Connectivity harness components

Resource document:

Value-Add Assemblies brochure

Sell Sheet

Military handheld & wearable devices

Operating in trying conditions requires systems that are rugged and easy to use. TE offers a range of connectors that are easy to engage & disengage, offer rugged reliability and save space & weight.

 Graphic depicting a soldier and the communication components used on the battlefield

Sell Sheet

Rugged high-speed solutions that save weight & space

Traditionally Military applications required Mil-Spec product but recently the DOD launched MOSA which allows for COTS products to be used to support SWaP-C directives.

Embedded computing devices


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