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Aerospace systems rely on hardened semiconductors for space and high-radiation environments. Here's how designers can leverage advances in process technology and circuit design today to design for applications tomorrow.

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Smart Munition, UAVs & C4IS

The growing use of robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, and unmanned ground vehicles is also driving the need for smaller, lighter, more portable electronic systems.

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Strength through superior technology…

Setting up our satellites for success

Since the launch of Explorer 1, on Jan. 31, 1958, satellites and the technology required to support their mission success have been on the rise.

Today, there are roughly 5,000 satellites orbiting earth, and that figure is expected to quintuple over the next five years. This unprecedented growth provides new challenges in regard to cost and reliability. Relying on increasingly advanced and durable power sources, altitude controls, antennas and payloads, these satellites must be designed to fulfill their mission without error.

Fortunately, with our network of trusted supplier partners and options for COTS, Rad Tolerant and Rad-Hard combined with our end-to-end support ecosystem, Avnet can help you launch your next innovation and reach new heights.

Getting precise with smart munitions

In recent years, armed conflict has taken on a new form. Today, enemies are rarely in uniform and almost never on battlefields. This changing military landscape necessitates new, more advanced weaponry to address the types of challenges our forces face.

The firebombing of Dresden looks like medieval warfare when compared to the sophisticated technology put to use in the Persian Gulf. And those thirty-year-old guided missiles will appear antiquated when placed next to the smart munitions of today. But what will tomorrow hold?

As a defense and aerospace technology developer, the mission to create the next generation of precision munitions—to minimize collateral damage and protect our troops—falls on your shoulders. Fortunately, you’re not alone.

Avnet has a broad network of industry-leading supplier partners and a comprehensive end-to-end ecosystem, and it’s all at your disposal. Learn how we can help you take aim and hit your target of delivering the next advancement in smart munitions.

Developing advanced drones isn’t an ‘unmanned’ job

In the last decade or so, the advent of unmanned aerial systems (UAS)—more commonly known as drones—has proven invaluable. From military engagements of the highest stakes, to first responders saving innocent lives, the potential applications for this technology are expansive.

However, these incredible devices are not without their fair share of technological complexity—requiring advanced optics and sensors, wireless communication protocols, robust power supplies, nuanced software and more, all in a compact, lightweight and durable form factor. Needless to say, an unmanned aerial systems developer has their work cut out for them.

That’s exactly where a partner like Avnet comes in. With our extensive network of specialized supplier partners and our complete end-to-end ecosystem, you’ve got all the support you could need, and then some.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what these UAS can be designed to do for us, and, with Avnet’s help, you can give flight to the next generation of drone technology.

Ruggedized and reliable combat communications

In the Internet of Things (IoT) era, everyone wants to reap the benefits of smart, connected devices—and that includes military personnel. When it comes to designing those devices specifically for defense and aerospace applications, however, the requirements are significantly heightened.

Far from the luxury of having a smartphone for video-chatting with the grandkids, the technology leveraged by members of our armed forces—command, control, communication and computer information systems (C4IS)—is an absolute necessity. So much so, in fact, that every detail must be meticulously crafted to provide cutting edge performance aligned with best in class dependability and security.

Developing C4IS technology is no easy task and the stakes are extremely high, but you can breathe easier knowing that you’re not alone. Avnet can help ensure your design is rugged, reliable, secure and ready to be put to use in the field.

Discover how Avnet can be the only partner you need to fortify military communications and bring C4IS into the twenty-first century.

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Working on a new or next generation design? Avnet has played a key role in a number of aerospace and defense platforms.

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