Transforming tech through diverse perspectives

This is a great time to be at Avnet and more importantly to be a part of our exciting transformation. The opportunity to create a new company and transform the way the world experiences technological innovation is extraordinary. To achieve our purpose of guiding today’s ideas into tomorrow’s technology, however, we must unleash the full potential of each of our employees.

With a workforce 15,000 strong, we rely on employees bringing both their passion and individual diversity of thought, experience, perspectives, and ideas to work. Our ability to appreciate, value, and leverage these talents to gain richer solutions is key in achieving our goals and mission. When we celebrate each other for who we are and the value each of us adds, our business results are stronger and engagement levels are higher.

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Our CEO on Diversity & Inclusion

“Avnet is committed to growing and sustaining a diverse, inclusive, and engaged workplace culture that fosters respect, appreciation, and acceptance of all people.

Our intention is to advance a culture that values people for their authenticity and discourages intolerant behaviors. To demonstrate our commitment, we are dedicated to a robust Diversity and Inclusion program.”

Bill Amelio, Avnet Chief Executive Officer

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Our deliberate and intentional approach to diversity and inclusion aims to increase the talent density around the business. It also serves to build and sustain an inclusive, supportive, and engaged culture where all employees feel respected, appreciated, accepted and valued for their uniqueness.

That’s why we’re so committed to cultivating a daily work environment where employees thrive and bring their whole selves to our workplaces all across the globe. We want you to reach your full potential while also contributing to Avnet’s long-term success. While every idea may not take root, our goal is to provide an environment that encourages new ways of thinking, collaboration and ingenuity. Because by leveraging diversity internally, we better understand and meet the technology needs of our external customers.

Our CPO on Diversity & Inclusion

“As Chief People Officer, it's no surprise that what makes me most proud of Avnet is our people. With so many different backgrounds, perspectives, and job functions it's no wonder we're a leading global technology company. In order to make Avnet as strong and versatile as it can be, we are committed to sharing values of diversity, equity and inclusion to achieve and sustain excellence in every aspect of our business. Our belief is that we can best promote excellence by attracting, developing and retaining a diverse group of employees and stakeholders by creating a climate of respect that is supportive of their success and providing opportunity and access to thrive. We also recognize that the responsibility for excellence, diversity and inclusion lies with all of us.”

Ken Arnold, Chief People Officer


Our CAO on Diversity & Inclusion

“Our various backgrounds, the languages we speak, our thoughts and ideas, reflect how we’re diverse as a company. It’s part of who we are. And we recognize that it’s in those varying traits, perspectives and contributions that we derive the greatest value.”

MaryAnn Miller, Chief Administrative Officer


D&I Mission & Vision:

Mission: Our commitment is to promote an inclusive environment that recognizes and values diversity as key to enhancing individual development and maximizing business effectiveness.

Vision: Our diversity, equity, and inclusion work is guided by our company values. We are committed to sustaining an environment that respects all perspectives, values individual differences, and is committed to equity and equality in all our affairs.

For more information:

At Avnet, diversity and inclusion are an integral connection between our talented people and our business, customers, and communities. By reaching further to engage and attract more diverse pools of talent like you, we not only create a work environment where employees are embraced for their uniqueness, but we also gain a strategic competitive advantage.

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