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Internships and early graduate programs

Depending on your location, Avnet offers a variety of programs for students and early graduates to obtain real-world business experience. Our programs are designed to help you get started in the world of technology with meaningful projects, exposure to our leadership and a vast variety of learning and development opportunities.

Apprenticeships / internships

Avnet´s apprenticeship programs offer theoretical learning combined with extensive on-the-job training. Apart from acquiring practical knowledge, an apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity to gain invaluable experience and unique insight into a successful international company. The strongest performers may secure permanent positions within Avnet.

More than 100 young people are currently attending Avnet's apprenticeship programs throughout EMEA. More than 90% move into permanent jobs once they have completed their apprenticeship successfully.

Summer internships are offered at our global corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona where students participate in a 12-week program that follows a learning journey to round out their soft skills experience, while working on an impactful real-world business project. Our summer interns routinely extend their time with us after they return to school to finish their studies. And upon graduation, these students are highly considered for full-time employment opportunities.

We are also pleased to share that Avnet recently launched an internship program in Guadalajara, Mexico, in partnership with local universities.

Read our article "Avnet helps develop young adults, shaping future talent" to learn more.

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“The intern program in the Americas is a two-way street where both the students and Avnet benefit tremendously. Students get the opportunity to apply and test their knowledge on Avnet business initiatives and Avnet has the opportunity to engage incredibly talented individuals who bring fresh and unbiased perspectives that help us grow as a company.”

— Aaron Dean, Vice President, Global Talent Programs

Dual Study program

Are you ambitious? Do you strive to achieve a career? Avnet offers you an excellent opportunity to reach this goal with our Dual Study programs. Regardless of whether your goal is a business or technology career, every field of study features a balanced combination of vocational training, academic studies and practical experience.

Many aspects of the Dual Study program are unique, including the application process. Students do not apply at the university directly, instead they apply for a position at an Avnet company and are simultaneously accepted at the cooperating university once they have been selected. The company then becomes the location for practical training and the university is responsible for theory. The students get an employment contract, during which they receive a monthly salary and social benefits like any other employee.

In this integrated degree, three month-long study phases that take place at the university campus alternate with practical phases of the same length. Hardly any other training program offers you better perspectives for your career.

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School-student internship

A school-student internship is an excellent opportunity to find out more about our company, processes and the people who work for us. It's a valuable experience that can help you find the right direction for your professional career at Avnet.

Please note that we can consider only talented students from secondary-school level (grades 9 and 11), as this is the minimum requirement for our current apprenticeship programs.

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Working student / co-op program

A working student/co-op assignment gives you an opportunity to put your education to work. You will get hands-on experience at an Avnet office while you complete your degree, offering real-life exposure to how our global business works.

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Early-graduate programs (full-time)

If you have completed your degree and are about to embark on a career, Avnet would like to be your employer of choice. Avnet has much to offer to young professionals, such as attractive career development opportunities, a competitive total rewards offer and experience working on a variety of projects in a fast-paced multinational technology environment.

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Early-graduate programs (training)

If you are interested in learning more about structures and processes at Avnet after you have successfully completed your university degree, consider one of our trainee programs. During our 12-month trainee program, you have the opportunity to gain comprehensive insight into different functional areas of Avnet and combine your theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

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Learn more about Avnet internships and early graduate programs

Our programs vary by region. Ask your recruiter about the internship and early graduate programs available in your area.