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Designing for manufacturability wins the day

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There’s an adage: spending $1 during product design saves you $10 during development and $100 or more after a product’s release. What would the plan be if you don’t have the capital to correct another problem and you can’t get a second cash infusion from new customers or investors until you do? Rather than risking it, it’s recommended you invest in a design review up front, to ensure you’re launching your campaign with a product that’s been reviewed for optimal price and performance.

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Avnet’s Smart Asset Monitoring solution can help you make the most out of your aging assets and reduce asset lifecycle costs. Track and locate assets instantly, maximize asset availability and construct an issue tracking ticketing system all within one dashboard. What’s more, the predictive analytics capabilities of our smart solution result in reduced technology costs and improved efficiency in your business processes.

Smart asset monitoring is one of the 14 scalable and repeatable vertical SaaS applications Avnet offers. Since it’s already 60 percent complete, you won't need to build your entire solution from scratch. All you’ll need is one our IoT experts to help customize and complete the solution to fit your specific needs.

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