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    We’re accelerating the ability to develop
    lifesaving solutions in the face of COVID-19.

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    Breathe easier with
    Raspberry Pi

    Effectively monitor indoor air quality with
    Avnet's Renesas Sensor HAT for Raspberry Pi.

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    It’s what we do.

    Discover how Avnet’s distribution solutions
    accelerate your product’s journey to market.

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    Build, Buy
    or Both?

    Avoid the pitfalls of
    do-it-yourself IoT platforms.

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    If it only had a brain

    Avoid catastrophe with our edge AI computing
    hardware and design expertise

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Jump-start your designs with Avnet boards

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Today’s heightened demands on time to market are forcing you to rethink how you design, build and deploy your products. While a completely customized solution can be most versatile, an off-the-shelf solution can offer benefits you may not have considered. By incorporating an SOM into your design, you can reduce your cost, lower your risk and accelerate your time to market.

Whether you’re looking for a development kit or an off-the-shelf SOM, we’re dedicated to providing the best tools and solutions to jump-start your designs.

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Bring technology to life with our global ecosystem

You’re an expert. Your knowledge enables you to innovate in ways only you can — but it also limits your focus to your discipline. To successfully harness the power of technology in today’s increasingly competitive and constantly changing markets, you’ll need to address critical considerations along the way.

That’s where we come in. Avnet has built an end-to-end ecosystem that supports you at any — or every — stage of your journey.

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