16Mb SPI/QSPI + DTR Flash with AEC-Q100 support

The IS25LP016D and IS25WP016D Serial Flash memory offers a versatile storage solution with high flexibility and performance in a simplified pin count package. ISSI’s “Industry Standard Serial Interface” Flash is for systems that require limited space, a low pin count, and low power consumption. The device is accessed through a 4-wire SPI Interface consisting of a Serial Data Input (SI), Serial Data Output (SO), Serial Clock (SCK), and Chip Enable (CE#) pins, which can also be configured to serve as multi-I/O (see pin descriptions).

The device supports Dual and Quad I/O as well as standard, Dual Output, and Quad Output SPI. Clock frequencies of up to 133MHz allow for equivalent clock rates of up to 532MHz (133MHz x 4) which equates to 66Mbytes/s of data throughput. The IS25xP series of Flash adds support for DTR (Double Transfer Rate) commands that transfer addresses and read data on both edges of the clock. These transfer rates can outperform 16-bit Parallel Flash memories allowing for efficient memory access to support XIP (execute in place) operation.


  • Industry Standard Serial Interface
  • High Performance Serial Flash (SPI)
  • Flexible & Efficient Memory Architecture
  • Efficient Read and Program modes
  • Low Power with Wide Temp. Ranges
  • Advanced Security Protection
  • Industry Standard Pin-out & Packages

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