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BLE Mesh – A practical guide to simplify product development time

22 Mar 2018 - 22 Jun 2018

The release of BLE Mesh has led to numerous articles, blogposts, and webinars cataloguing its features and capabilities but little has gone into actually highlighting where OEM product developers should focus on in the 708 page specification.


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MiniZed SpeedWay Design Workshops™

01 Nov 2017 - 30 Mar 2018
Multiple Dates / Locations

The MiniZed SpeedWay Design Workshops™ help engineers jump-start the development of single-core Xilinx® Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC devices using the Avnet MiniZed™ Zynq SoC development kit, a cost-optimized prototyping platform for embedded vision and Industrial IoT systems. Online courses now available.


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Maxim Integrated, Avnet Webinar

3 Key Requirements to Lock in Security for your Next Design

29 Jun 2017 - 29 Jun 2018

What do video cameras, cars, point-of-sales terminals, and baby monitors have in common? Each has been hacked. In today’s smart, connected world, products we use every day are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. According to Gartner, 20% of enterprise attacks will involve the IoT in 2020. Get the real scoop by attending our webinar.

STMicroelectronics Tech Tour

15 Mar 2018 - 08 Nov 2018
Multiple Dates / Locations

ST is taking our newest technologies on the road and we would love to have you join us. Each city will include presentations from ST subject matter experts as well as our ecosystem partners. Attendees can also attend hands-on training sessions and see new technology demonstrations.

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Event Name Location Start Date End Date Supplier Action
3 Key Requirements to Lock in Security for your Next Design Webinar 2017/6/29 2018/6/29 Maxim Integrated /wps/portal/us/resources/training-and-events/event/3-key-requirements-to-lock-in-security-for-your-next-design
Avnet Automotive Solutions Two-Part Webinar: Processing Power for ADAS applications Webinar 2017/7/11 2018/7/11 Avnet /wps/portal/us/resources/training-and-events/event/avoid-potential-threats-to-your-success-how-to-use-avnet-faes-and-tools-to-create-more-adas-options
Infineon DC/DC PMIC for FPGAs/SoCs for 10W to 50W Applications Webinar Webinar 2018/1/16 2018/1/16 Infineon Technologies
Accelerate your design with ST Motor Control Solutions Webinar 2018/2/14 2018/5/14 ST Microelectronics
Antenna design considerations for a Smart Home Webinar 2018/3/21 2019/3/22 Molex /wps/portal/us/resources/training-and-events/event/antenna-design-considerations-for-a-smart-home
BLE Mesh – A practical guide to simplify product development time Webinar 2018/3/22 2018/6/22 Laird
Boost your Applications with Accurate Heading in Any Condition Webinar 2018/1/17 2018/3/01 ST Microelectronics
Build powerful IoT applications quickly with Node-RED Webinar 2017/2/01 2018/2/01 IBM /wps/portal/us/resources/training-and-events/event/build-powerful-iot-applications-quickly-with-node-red
Design Made Easy with Xilinx Webinars 2017/7/10 2018/7/10 Xilinx /wps/portal/us/resources/training-and-events/event/design-made-easy-with-xilinx
Ecosystems: A Critical Component to Successful Development of IoT Applications Webinar 2017/4/11 2018/4/11 Texas Instruments /wps/portal/us/resources/training-and-events/event/ecosystems-a-critical-component-to-successfu-development-of-iot-applications
Explore the new STM32 Motor Control SDK v5.0 Webinar 2018/3/27 2019/3/28 STMicroelectronics
Field-Effect Rectifier Diodes (FERD) Webinar Webinar 2018/2/28 2019/2/28 STMicroelectronics
Implementing Low Power IoT Devices with Hybrid Energy Storage Systems Webinar 2017/11/29 2018/11/28 Silego /wps/portal/us/resources/training-and-events/event/implementing-low-power-iot-devices-with-hybrid-energy-storage-systems
Learn all about NFC Webinars 2018/3/15 2018/4/12 NXP /wps/portal/us/resources/training-and-events/event/learn-all-about-nfc
MiniZed SpeedWay Design Workshops™ Multiple Dates / Locations 2017/11/01 2018/3/30 MiniZed SpeedWay /wps/portal/us/resources/training-and-events/event/minized-speedway-design-workshops
Powering IoT with Supercapacitor based Energy Harvesting Systems – backup solutions toolkit Webinar 2017/9/27 2018/9/26 Silego /wps/portal/us/resources/training-and-events/event/powering-iot-with-supercapacitor-based-energy-harvesting-systems
Precision Ranging at the Speed of Light Webinar 2018/3/21 2018/6/21 STMicroelectronics
ST Microelectronics Developer Conference Santa Clara, CA 2018/9/05 2018/9/05 ST Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics Tech Tour Multiple Dates / Locations 2018/3/15 2018/11/08 ST Microelectronics
Designing with Pressure Sensors Webinar 2018/3/14 2019/3/13 TE Connectivity /wps/portal/us/resources/training-and-events/event/te-designing-with-pressure-sensors-webinar
The IoT Data Journey: Connecting the points from the Edge to the Cloud Webinar 2017/1/19 2018/1/19 Avnet /wps/portal/us/resources/training-and-events/event/the-iot-data-journey-connecting-the-points-from-the-edge-to-the-cloud