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Row of beer taps

Internet of Beer? Avnet Helps iKeg ‘Tap’ Into the Internet of Things

By Steve Hanna   -   September 12, 2019 Trend report

You might think that running out of beer is only a major concern if you are the “refreshment coordinator” for a college fraternity, but it turns out that beer inventory management is actually a pretty big deal for bar and restaurant owners these days.

Battery powering

Batteries are key to charging options

By Steve Hanna   -   September 18, 2019 Technical article

Wired power is a strong option for developers that need to get to market fast and require an inexpensive, proven solution. For products where convenience and future compatibility are paramount, you can move forward confidently with wireless power.

Graphic of an overhead view of a car

We’re All Part of the Automotive Evolution

By Steve Hanna   -   September 18, 2019 Technical article

With safety at the forefront, the automotive industry continues to embrace new technologies to deliver greater autonomy and efficiency

Transportation trends in commercial and non-passenger vehicles

Transportation Trends in Commercial & Non-Passenger Vehicles

By Steve Hanna   -   September 18, 2019 Technical article

Some of the most exciting technology trends shaping transportation are for commercial vehicles.

Two robots standing side by side

Decreasing Time to Design in the Industrial Internet of Things

By Steve Hanna   -   September 18, 2019 Technical article

The huge potential for innovation in industrial IoT (IIoT) offers the promise of significant productivity gains, operational efficiency and bottom line revenue increases, but only if it’s enabled by a supply chain based on reliability and longevity.


10 Things Every Intelligent Systems Needs

By Steve Hanna   -   September 12, 2019 Technical article

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way businesses use technology. This web of interconnected devices and machines gathers information from gas-oil-water exploration sensors to sensors in corn fields,, to medical devices and train control and othe

Person controlling building security via mobile device

Security and surveillance: two sides of the coin in smart homes

By Steve Hanna   -   September 18, 2019 Technical article

The new era of home security won’t just be an alarm that rings when a lock was picked or a window broken. With the rise of new technology comes the added need to protect a home’s hardware and its software.


Monitoring Impact Levels in Sports

By Steve Hanna   -   September 18, 2019 Technical article

Concussion, also known as mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), is a very serious topic in the world of sports today.