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Alex Iuorio - Senior Vice President, Supplier Development at Avnet

Alex Iuorio is a 30 year veteran of the high technology distribution industry. He has held various positions within Avnet and prior to that with Hall-Mark Electronics, acquired by Avnet in 1993.

He’s been headquartered in four different US markets with experiences ranging from inside sales to area vice president. Prior to corporate, Iuorio’s last field role was as vice president area director for the West which included Avnet’s Silicon Valley operations during its unprecedented growth period. An experience and a time like no other in our industry’s history.

Beyond Avnet, Iuorio served as vice president of strategic business development for software solutions provider Azerity, a leader in creating innovative solutions for the channel business problems that face component manufacturers in our global marketplace.

Today, as senior vice president, supplier development, Alex leads Avnet EMA’s supplier and business development organizations within Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas’ coordinating domestic and global initiatives with respect to those responsibilities.

Mr. Iuorio holds a BA from University of Illinois, with fields of concentration in mathematics, economics, and political science.

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