Enhancing Perspectives In Display Technology

In today’s world, modern industries thrive on assessing vast amounts of information for operational and strategic decision-making. This has spurred great advances in electronic displays, fueling designs that allowed more information to be presented intelligently and efficiently, without the need for multiple devices.

Thanks to the innovative assistance of Avnet, engineers are discovering superior benefits by deploying the MIPI DSI TX Dual Display. This expertly designed solution is ideal for systems that call for a smaller display within a larger display for local viewing or command and control. In other applications, Ccapable of high resolution output, the solution integrates perfectly into Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) headsets with independent left and right eye MIPI displays. And with its low power requirements, it is highly suitable as a compact MIPI interface solution for mobile devices.  


  • Supports data format RGB888
  • Supports 4 Lane MIPI DSI
  • Supports resolution up to 1920 x 1080 60fps
  • Supports 90° image rotation


Key Components

  • EK-Z7-ZC702-G – Xilinx


Target Applications

  • Advanced VR goggles
  • Panel testing
  • Industrial control panes


Block Diagram

Enhancing Perspectives In Display Technologies diagram

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