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Find the latest consumer solutions and technical expertise to shorten your design cycles and get your products to market faster

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Enhancing Perspectives In Display Technologies

MIPI DSI TX Dual Display is a expertly designed solution ideal for systems that call for a smaller display within a larger display for local viewing or command and control.

USB type-C an ecosystem approaching perfection

The latest generation of USB improves accessibility in every sense – Vertical symmetry for reversible insertion, improved transmission speed and power capabilities, topped off with audio, video, data, and charging functionalities.

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Developments in Fast Charging Technologies

Expectations are high when it comes to today’s portable devices. In order to maximize uptime, fast charging technologies now play an indispensable role accompanying the use of these devices.


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Avnet’s Maxim Battery Management Solution energizes the mobility race

Energizing the mobility race

Avnet’s Maxim Battery Management Solution is effective yet versatile, being equally beneficial for in-vehicle air conditioning assistance systems and other battery applications such as energy storage systems.

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Delivering efficiency to USB power delivery

USB technology has allowed device designers to push the limits of ingenuity by streamlining connectivity to create slimmer and more compact electronic devices.


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Avnet’s Maxim Battery Management Solution energizes the mobility race

Unleashing potential in battery application

Avnet has devised a superior battery management system that maximizes the potential of batteries for increasingly demanding applications such as power tools and electric mobility devices like e-scooters.


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Empowering the USB type-C generation

As the world’s leading technology distributor, Avnet is working continuously to help the world embrace the arrival of USB Type-C and its associated ecosystem.