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Can IoT Apps be protected with Azure Sphere?

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The official commercial launch of Microsoft's Azure Sphere IoT security service platform at the beginning of this year has left many developers itching for a test run on their own IoT Apps. After all, with IoT being an "inelastic demand," it is undoubtedly a good thing to have tech support backed by Microsoft. Furthermore, the three-in-one solution system offered by Azure Sphere – namely, secured MCU, secured OS, and cloud security, looks so perfect that you would expect comprehensive IoT security to be within easy reach.

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_Featured Solution

XENSIV™ - current sensor TLI4971-A120T5

The TLI4971-A120T5 is the first product of a new family of precise and stable current sensors based on Infineon´s proven Hall technology. The product offers a high level of flexibility as customers can individually program product parameters such as the current range, the overcurrent threshold, and the output mode. It addresses industrial applications such as electric drives up to 30 kW of photovoltaic inverters.

The coreless open-loop current sensor offers an accurate and stable current measurement – provided as an analog output voltage. Based on Infineon’s market-proven temperature and stress compensation the sensitivity error is as low as 2 percent at room temperature. It can be reduced below 2 percent with a single point in-system calibration. Furthermore, differential measurement with two Hall cells ensures high accuracy even in a noisy environment with cross-talk from adjacent current lines of magnetic stray fields.

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