Nexperia is a dedicated global leader in Small Signal Discretes, Logic and PowerMOS devices. Originally part of Philips and more recently NXP, this new company became independent at the beginning of 2017.

Focused on efficiency, Nexperia produces consistently reliable semiconductor components at high volume: 85
billion annually. The company’s extensive portfolio meets the stringent standards set by the Automotive industry.And industry-leading small packages, produced in their own manufacturing facilities, combine power and thermal efficiency with best-in-class quality levels.

Built on over half a century of expertise, Nexperia has 11,000 employees across Asia, Europe and the U.S. supporting customers globally.

Introducing: Nexperia, the Efficiency Company.

Featured products


Dual Supply 2-Input OR Gate, 74AXP1T32

The 74AXP1T32 features two inputs (A, B), an output (Y) and dual supply pins (VCCI and VCCO). The inputs are referenced to VCCI and the output is referenced to VCCO.

Nexperia Dual Supply 2-Input OR Gate, 74AXP1T32


PNP/PNP General-Purpose Double Transistors, BC807RA

PNP/PNP general-purpose double transistors in a leadless ultra small DFN1412-6 (SOT1268) Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic package.

Nexperia PNP-PNP General-Purpose Double Transistors, BC807RA


Logic Level N-Channel MOSFET in an LFPAK33

This product has been designed and qualified to AEC Q101 standard for use in high performance automotive applications.

Nexperia Logic Level N-Channel MOSFET in an LFPAK33, BUK9M12-60E


MEGA Schottky Barrier Rectifier, PMEG2005EGW

Planar Maximum Efficiency General Application (MEGA) Schottky barrier rectifier with an integrated guard ring for stress protection encapsulated in small SOD123 Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic package.

Nexperia MEGA Schottky Barrier Rectifier, PMEG2005EGW


60 V, 10 A low VF MEGA Schottky barrier rectifier

Automotive qualified and high-power capability due to clip-bond technology and heat sink. Housed in a CFP15 flat lead SMD package

CFP15 component


Ultra low capacitance ESD protection diode

Bidirectional ESD protection of one line housed in an ultra-small, leadless package. TrEOS Protection, safeguarding very sensitive high-speed interfaces.

ESD component


30 V, P-channel Trench MOSFET

Very fast switching Trench MOSFET technology in SOT23, Automotive qualified, logic level compatible and ESD protection > 2 kV HBM.

CFP15 component


Small-signal MOSFET, PMCM4401VPE

Housed in an ultra-small WLCS package of only 0.78 x 078 x 0035 mm, it offers a low threshold voltage, Trench MOSFET technology and ESD protection > 2kV HBM.