Infineon designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of semiconductors and system solutions. The focus of its activities is on automotive electronics, industrial electronics, RF applications, mobile devices and hardware-based security.

Combining entrepreneurial success with responsible action, at Infineon we make the world easier, safer and greener. Barely visible, semiconductors have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Infineon’s components play an essential role wherever electric energy is generated, transmitted and used efficiently. Furthermore, they safeguard data communication, improve safety on roads and reduce automotive emissions.



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Automotive LED Driver IC, TLD5097EL

The TLD5097EL is a smart LED boost controllers with built in protection and diagnostic features

650V CoolMOS™ N-Channel Power MOSFET, IPW65R041CFD

650V CoolMOS™ CFD2 is Infineon's second generation of market leading high voltage CoolMOS™ MOSFETs with integrated fast body diode.

800V CoolMOS™ N-Channel Power MOSFET, IPA80R1K0CE

800V CoolMOS™ CE is Infineon's high performance device family offering 800V break down voltage.


Infineon Automotive Ecosystem

A Hundred of System Solutions & Knowledge Sharing Center

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Automotive Solutions

Multiple technologies including Linear Voltage Regulators, Smart High Side Switch: PROFET, 3D Magnetic Sensor, 32-bit Automotive MCU: AURIX and LITIX Automotive LED Drivers.

Digi XBee® Cellular Connectivity

Infineon Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC

Infineon’s Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC multi-voltage power supply fits in tight spots, tailorable to your board’s specific needs

LED Solutions

Full range of AC/DC, DC/DC, linear LED control, and microcontroller-based LED solutions

Infineon’s NEW PMBus

Infineon’s NEW PMBus SupIRBuck™ is an easy-to-use, fully integrated and highly efficient DC-DC regulator with I2C/PMBus interface.

Infineon OPTIGA Trust family

The OPTIGA™ Trust family of products consists of turn-key and programmable solutions that give you the benefit of easy and convenient integration.

Infineon OPTIGA Trust family

High performance linear voltage regulators

Offering wide input voltage range and low quiescent, Infineon’s Linear Voltage regulators combine fast regulation and great stability.

High Performance Linear Voltage Regulators for automotive applications