Molex莫仕运用科技连接世界,改变未来,改善人类生活。在众多极具影响力的市场领域,我们的客户愿意与我们共享愿景,Molex莫仕通过不断的创新帮助客户设计出领先的解决方案, 打破传统并创造突破, 推动世界科技发展。Molex莫仕现已在全球超过40个国家建立业务,为多个领域提供互连产品,解决方案和服务,包括数据通信,医疗,工业,汽车和消费类电子等。如需了解更多信息,请访问

Connected Home

Today’s antennas transmit and receive unprecedented amounts of data, key in engineering the connected homes of tomorrow. From security and surveillance to home automation and energy solutions, Molex can turn the smart home dream into reality.

Nano-Fit Power Connectors 2.50mm Pitch

Nano-Fit Power Connectors deliver both fully protected header terminals and a small package, while also offering keying options to ensure proper mating and terminal position assurance (TPA) retainers to prevent terminal backout.

Nano-Fit Power Connector

ValuSeal Wire-to-Wire Connector System

Achieve industry-leading cost efficiencies plus IP65 sealing protection with the innovative, one-piece ValuSeal Wire-to-Wire Connector, ideal for consumer, non-automotive transportation and industrial applications.

ValuSeal Wire-to-Wire Connector

High-Current, Universal-Clamp Terminal Blocks

DIN-rail or panel-mountable High-Current Universal-Clamp Terminal Blocks offer a versatile solution for high-current and voltage applications requiring aluminum-to-aluminum, copper-to-copper or aluminum-to-copper terminations.

Universal-Clamp Terminal Block

Pico-EZmate Slim 1.20mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connect

Now with an even lower profile, the Pico-EZmate Slim connectors support automated assembly processes in tight-spaced consumer and other applications.

Pico-EZmate Slim 1.20mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connector

MUO 2.5 Termination Connector

The MUO 2.5 termination connector replaces closed-end (CE) terminals efficiently as a grounding solution. It reduces harness assembly lead time and improves reliability and processing at OEM and cable assembly houses.

MUO 2.5 Termination Connector

Micro-Lock Plus Off-the-Shelf Discrete Wire Cable

These assemblies come in a variety of cable lengths and with a compact connector to support both prototyping and global production.

Micro-Lock Plus Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Discrete Wire Cable

Sealed FAKRA Connector System

FAKRA RF Connectors offer a sealed, inline solution for automotive cameras, radio antennas, keyless entry or any application requiring an IP69K rating, along with a mechanical key feature and color coding to ensure a proper connection.

Sealed FAKRA Connector System

Lite-Trap Wire-to-Board Connector Vertical Entry, 1

The vertical wire-entry Lite-Trap connector expands the selection of options available for securing wires to PCBs in security devices, datacom equipment, LED drivers and other applications, enabling cost savings within limited design spaces.

Lite-Trap Wire-to-Board Connector