Molex is a leading global supplier of advanced electronic components and solutions. Molex views innovation as a tool for solving complex customer challenges. Through standard-setting products, high-performance people and a globally collaborative process, Molex is committed to anticipating tomorrow's needs and helping customers engineer breakthroughs that make the world better. Whether it's inside the latest smartphones, the trusted home appliance or the connected car, Molex designs and manufactures solutions that make life easier.

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2.4/5GHz Balanced Flex and PCB Antennas

Designed for fast and easy integration into Wi-Fi devices at minimal implementation cost, this side-fed cable Flexible Antenna enables balanced RF transmission independent of cable length variations.

Molex 2.4-5GHz Balanced Flex and PCB Antennas


Ceramic and LDS-MID GPS Antenna

Eliminating space and PCB real-estate constraints, LDS-MID and Ceramic GPS antennas combine ease of integration with reduced cost of implementation over a variety of wireless navigation device applications.

Molex Ceramic and LDS-MID GPS Antenna


Rectangular Near Field Communication Antenna

Rectangular NFC Antennas maximize effectiveness of quick, two-way read/write operations over a wide range of detection distances from metallic and non-metallic substrate applications.

Molex Rectangular Near Field Communication (NFC) Antenna


Triple-band Wi-Fi Antenna

Offering greater power efficiency and longer-range connectivity to Wi-Fi Certified products, triple-band ceramic antenna enables multi-vendor operability and easy setup for IoT and M2M applications.

Molex Triple-band Wi-Fi Antenna


EXTreme Ten60Power™ High-Current Connector, 4670834

EXTreme Ten60Power Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) Retainer, for Assembly with 12 Signal / 4 Power Circuits

High Current Connector