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Let’s face it, hardware is a distraction from your core business. While necessary, it can be expensive and complex to create the infrastructure required to bring your integrated solutions to market. What can be even more challenging, is bringing software-based intellectual property to market on hardware at a time when investors are demanding high margins driven by software and service models.

As the first to provide true end-to-end capabilities in house, Avnet Integrated can guide you through all aspects and challenges you’re facing related to the design, sourcing, integration, testing, logistics and support for your hardware-based solutions. For over two decades, Avnet has been the partner behind many leading technology innovators, guiding them to market and putting them in a stronger position to do what they do best – develop innovative products.

We work with technology innovators of every size, in every corner of the world, to guide today’s ideas into tomorrow’s technology. Whether you design and assemble your own embedded boards, touch display solutions,  or embedded systems, or require an experienced partner to do so on your behalf, we can help. How can we help you get from idea to product, and from product to market?

More about Avnet Integrated Solutions in EMEA

At Avnet Integrated Solutions, we serve leading industrial equipment and device manufacturers who need to develop better and smarter devices for their end customers. Our team of experts offers proven, end-to-end guidance on planning, design, integration, production and deployment of technology solutions that meet your market needs.
MSC Technologies, the technology brand of Avnet Integrated Solutions, specialises in intelligent embedded and display solutions for a range of different inustrial applications. Our manifold solution competency will particularly benefit customer needing a tailored system that is based on building blocks and can be delivered quickly. 

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