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    Driving efficiency takes pole position.

    Nexperia and Avnet Silica enable basic automotive applications functions by
    delivering the right functionality, performance and package.

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    IoT Security for a connected world

    We want our customers to benefit from our expertise in addressing
    personalization and security schemes for IoT projects.

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  • Empowering Your Supply Chain

    Avnet supports TI customers throughout the whole supply chain. Count on our global
    capabilities, flexibility, experience and our reliability for your customized solutions.

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    Paving the road to success

    Automotive projects can be complex and competition is high.
    Our dedicated automotive team is here to help simplify your journey.

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    A footprint on five continents

    Guiding you through the entire product lifecycle means we offer first-class distribution,
    logistics and post-sales support in every region you do business.

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Infineon robotics components

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Visible Things™ Industrial Starter Kit

The ready-to-use kit with smart sensor delivers a complete evaluation and reference platform to connect smart devices right through to the cloud and enterprise software. Visible Things supports an increasing range of sensors and connectivity, including Bluetooth, 3G/4G, LoRanWAN, Sigfox and Wifi.

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AVS Feature Story - Security TechDays

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IoT Security TechDays

Bridging the gap between low-power embedded and IT security

In the past 15 years, enterprise IT architects have successfully upgraded their security schemes from wired to wireless without compromising security. In some cases, they even improved it. A similar evolution is happening now, beyond laptops and smartphones. Today’s businesses need to connect many devices, machines and objects to application servers through private and public networks.

Avnet Silica’s free IoT Security Techdays Seminar Series can help you simplify your IoT security. Join us in the UK in September or France in November to learn about:

  • What an IT director expects
  • Secure elements and end-to-end security 
  • How to protect your brand against low-cost competition
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