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AVS PF Avnet Silica NB-IoT Sensor Shield

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Avnet Silica's NB-IoT Sensor Shield Board

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Avnet Silica NB-IoT Sensor Shield – Enabled Next Generation LPWan Connectivity

The new development board from Avnet Silica delivers next-generation, low-power wide-area connectivity that targets use in machine-to-machine and IoT applications.

The NB-IoT Sensor Shield is a Cat M1 and NB-IoT board providing Arduino pinout connectors. The Arduino compatibility provides ultimate flexibility, leveraging on a huge ecosystem of compatible boards. It enables you to choose the microcontroller board that best fits your application, like STM32 Nucleo boards, and combine them with sensors and other peripheral boards as needed.

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RFID revolutionizes security in IoT

Security is one of the most important topics in the automotive industry. The speed of IT integration into cars requires a rethinking of conventional solutions. One new solution for boosting security in cars is CAN-FD (for Flexible Data rate).

CAN-FD enables manufacturers to increase the communication bandwidth and implement suitable cryptography methods to secure data and authenticate devices connected to the bus. Werner Busch, Field Application Engineer at Avnet Silica, explains how CAN-FD fixes security issues that arise with controlled area network.

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Autonomous vehicles: getting there

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Internet of bikes

Internet of bikes
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