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Molex Nano-Fit™ power connectors

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Murata CMWX1ZZABZ-078 LoRa Module

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Featured Product: Molex's Nano-Fit™ power connectors

Nano-Fit™ connectors are part of the FiT Family connector range, designed to solve the electrical and mechanical design challenges created by the growing demand for more power in increasingly smaller packages.


Engineers' Insight

Enabling smart tracking for the supply chain and Industry 4.0 with RFID

Do you know where your product has been and where it is going right now? This is the challenge that many manufacturers and logistics companies face in the management of their supply chains. As more functions are outsourced and supply chains become more complex, traditional approaches to keeping track of product movements are unable to keep pace.

In food and medicine supply chains understanding how products are transported is critical. If the temperature rises beyond a safe threshold at some point during transportation, the food may no longer be safe to eat at its destination and medicines become ineffective. During transport, goods will often change hands several times. The producer can keep track of the temperature of their pallets while they hold them. But when handed over there are no guarantees their guidelines will be followed. Spot checks with data loggers at points on the product’s journey can only provide a snapshot. This is where RFID technology is beginning to make a difference.

RFID scanner

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