• Voltage translators

    Nexperia 74AUP1Txx & 74LV1Txxx logic families provide solutions
    that integrate voltage level translation with a Boolean function
    - ideal for solving single line level shifter issues.

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    EBV Training & Events

    Connect with the EBV experts who will guide
    you to reach further with on-going seminars,
    workshops, trade shows and webinars.

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    with innovation

    The most recent products and technologies at your fingertips -
    personalize, structure and work with parts effortlessly.

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  • The Quintessence

    Shaping the future of
    next generation systems

    Embedded vision is revolutioning industries and turning complexity
    into clarity. See how Xilinx and EBV are driving the change.

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    A footprint on five continents

    Guiding you through the entire product lifecycle means we offer first-class distribution,
    logistics and post-sales support in every region you do business.

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EBV Product Finder Broadcom AFBR-S50

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EBV and Infineon - 24 GHz

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Broadcom AFBR-S50 family time of flight sensor.

Based on the optical time of flight principle, The AFBR-S50 multi-pixel distance and motion measurement sensor excels by supporting up to 3,000 frames per second with up to 16 illuminated pixels. The sensor has a special focus on precise distance sensing and gesture sensing applications with the need for high speeds, small sizes and very low power consumption. Plus, due to its best in class ambient light suppression of up to 200k Lux, using it outdoors is no problem either.

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EBV FS - preferred security partner

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EBV is your preferred security partner

Security is an essential part of every connected application and device.

Connectivity is vital for a vast number of modern devices and at EBV we embrace innovation in order to create a sustainable and exciting future. In order to support our customers, we are going the extra mile to create and offer solutions that make the integration of security chips as easy and flexible as possible.

Those endeavors have recently resulted in the industry’s first programming and personalization services for security hardware tailored to distribution customers and volumes. Within this initiative, we have worked closely together with Infineon and Data IO in order to set up a process and environment in our warehouse to personalize Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust E devices with custom OEM certificates.

We are proud to be on Infineon’s preferred security partners list and to generate value together that directly serves our customers and ultimately the consumers and users in the market.

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