Complete solution for easy and precise clinical trials

Avnet’s Smart Healthcare solution implements a smart clinical trial management system with an aim to address the pain points in the existing clinical trial process and make it more insightful. Patient vitals are captured in real-time and its report is made available to CROs even when the patients are at a remote location. Depending upon the status of drug and its effects on the patient's body, real-time data is a crucial factor to look upon. Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) require this data to monitor and inspect the overall progress of the process and know the effects of the drug. Healthcare organizations will benefit from:

  • Reduced time to market
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Integrated patient safety monitoring
  • Risk-based monitoring
  • Enhanced staff productivity
  • Efficient regulatory process

Solution features


  • Dashboard view to all active trials
  • Dashboard view of operational metrics for all sites enrolled in trial
  • Create custom trials with connected devices
  • Multi-level user access management

Trial Site Coordinator

  • Dashboard view of all active trials
  • Access to latest patient vitals and drug adherence data
  • Notification for patient at risk of fallout


  • Medication reminders per trial requirements
  • Easy and automated collection of vitals
  • Patient feedback


  • Blinded and double blinded trial management requirements
  • Dashboard view of patient feedback and side effects

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