Harnessing the power of LPWA

LPWA is a key technology leading the way towards a connected IoT. This network depends upon IoT and machine-to-machine applications that have low data rates, require long battery life and optimized cost, and operate in remote and hard to reach locations. Easy to implement and deploy, these applications can be deployed in various vertical markets like manufacturing, wearables, utilities and transport.

Developers can easily mobilize LPWA technology with LPWA technology module solutions from Quectel and Avnet. These high-performance solutions consume extremely low power, enabling devices to last up to 10 years on a single charge. Supporting multiple frequency bands, they provide optimized data transfer to support small, intermittent blocks of data. Their ultra compactness also makes them ideal for size-sensitive applications.

Car driving at night with LED headlights


  • BG96 Cat M1/ NB1/ EGPRS
  • BG95 Cat M1/ NB2/ EGPRS
  • BG600L-M3 Cat M1/ NB2/ EGPRS
  • BC69/BG77 Cat M1/ NB2 • BC95-G/ BC68 Cat NB2
  • BC950N-N1 Cat NB1 • BC66 Cat NB1 • BC66-NA Cat NB2
  • BC92 Cat NB1/GPRS

Target applications

  • Telematics & transport - vehicle tracking, asset tracking, fleet management
  • Energy - electricity meters, gas/water meter, smart grid
  • Payment - wireless POS, cash register, ATM, vending machine
  • Security - surveillance, detectors
  • Smart city - street lighting, smart parking, sharing economy
  • Gateway - consumer/industrial router
  • Industry - industrial PDA, IPC, rugged tablet, pipeline monitoring, robot, motor/pump control
  • Life & healthcare - personal/pet tracker, wearable, home automation, remote medical equipment
  • Agriculture & environment - environmental monitoring, farmland monitoring, farm machinery management

Block diagram

Harnessing the power of LPWAN

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