Harnessing the potential of IP cameras

It wasn’t too long ago that video surveillance technologies were primarily used for commercial security purposes. Today it has become a common sight in everyday life. Advanced to its current and most popular form, IP cameras leverage the power and convenience of WiFi connectivity, helping parents keep close eyes on young children, working people watch over their homes, and even allow the curious-minded witness events across the globe in real time.

Fueling the advancements in this field is one of Avnet’s notable solutions, the Nuvoton IP camera platform. Adopting the N32926 family, Nuvoton’s latest SoC, the platform is complete with highly integrated capabilities from an ARM926 Core, DDR memory and A/V codec. Together with a rich I/O interface, all on a single 14x14mm LQFP package, the platform is integral to products for the domestic surveillance market, and will help engineers minimize PCB size and system costs to meet mass market requirements.

Drone with camera attached and close-up of camera lens
Features System Target Applications
  • 720p H.264 encode/decode
  • SoC (Nuvoton)
  • IP camera
  • Ethernet/Wifi for video streaming
  • SPI Flash 128MB (Spansion/Toshiba/Winbond)
  • Wifi camera
  • SD card storage
  • Security IC (Maxim)
  • Car DVR/Aero modelling
  • Composite TV output & LCD 800 x 600 I/F
  • Wifi module (LB-Link)
  • Video door
  • Audio in/out
  • DC-DC (TI, On-Semi, BCD)
  • Baby monitor
  • Support video streaming on Android and Windows




IPC Module - Block Diagram


block diagram of instrument panel control technology

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