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Enhancing the PIR based motion sensor

Using changes in infrared radiation to sense movement, the ceiling or wall mounted Passive Infrared (PIR) based motion sensor is a popular choice for lighting systems. These sensors can detect human motion accurately and passively, automatically switching lights on and off depending on whether there is enough light or whether motion is detected.
Avnet has introduced a PIR based solution which is superior in a number of ways. Employing AC-DC from Dialog Semi, it’s based on the best PIR sensor from Panasonic as well as Microcontrollers from ST. The inclusion of the MCU allows you to integrate other sensors easily. Communication modules like LoRa, BLE and Sub GHZ can also be integrated for cloud connectivity.


  • True Motion detection
  • Automatic load on/off
  • On time setting
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Indicative LED


  • Industrial Lighting
  • Conference and training room
  • Highway Lighting
  • Balcony lighting
  • Lobby lighting
  • Toilet lighting

Technical Support Available

  • Reference Schematic
  • Reference PCB layout
  • Reference Source Code / Firmware
  • Bill of material


Enhancing the PIR based motion sensor


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