Enhancing the efficiency of HVAC

As HVAC is a must-have feature in most buildings today, there is a real need for a HVAC system that is more efficient. Avnet provides a smart HVAC control solution that will take convenience and efficiency to the next level.

Monitoring and controlling the HVAC system will be a lot easier with this solution. Each HVAC component will have the capability to monitor its parameter as well as KPI. Through an IoTConnect device agent, these real-time data from HVAC component, sensor device, switch/relay and other IOT products can also be sent to the IoTConnect cloud, then monitored via web or mobile applications.  Users can manually or automatically control features like power on/off/standby, fan speed, function mode switch (cooling, heating, etc.), temperature setting and set/reset schedule. Intelligent rules can even be set to provide alerts through emails, SMSes or PUSH messages according to error codes.

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Enhancing the efficiency of HVAC


In addition, the administrator can optimize the potential of the HVAC system (in terms of its power consumption, maintenance cycle, performance trend, etc.) through chart bar or other visual diagrams which are generated by the Data Analytics service from Avnet. By using AI & Machine Learning implementation from Avnet, the predictive maintenance service and advanced operation rules can help customers save more costs on the HVAC system operation. With its ability to monitor real-time data and KPIs, control HVAC components and execute data science technology, Avnet’s smart HVAC control solution can offer greater efficiency in energy use.

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