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Boosting the mobility of IoT

Advancements in existing mobile networks are providing enhanced range extension for mobile IoT. This has in turn made it easy for Mobile IoT to be deployed in the development of smart city applications, leading to its increasing adoption. 

To enable developers to seize these exciting new opportunities, Avnet has developed a Mobile IoT Starter Kit. The kit is packed with features like multiple sensors for environment/motion sensing, a GPS sensor for location tracking and a display for development and debug purposes. A cloud platform with analytics features has also been included for the development of the whole eco-system. IoT POC verification can even be achieved within a short turnaround time.

Target applications

  • Smart Sensing
  • Smart infrastructure
  • Starter Kit for Mobile IoT development


  • Arduino support
  • I2C/UART/SPI interface
  • On board Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Gyro, Accelerometer sensor.
  • On board GPS sensor
  • LCD display for development/debug purpose
  • NB-IoT support
  • Cloud Portal support



  • Temperature/Humidity/Pressure sensor
  • GPS sensor
  • NB-IOT module
  • Cloud portal with analytics function


Mobile IoT Starter Kit


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