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Taking road safety further

Next generation advanced driver assistance systems are playing an increasingly important role in enhancing driving and road safety. Integral to their efficacy is the camera-based Driver Monitoring System (DMS). DMS is able to identify the driver of a vehicle, tailoring the in-car environment like the seat position, temperature and entertainment options to his or her preferences. It can even detect if the driver is distracted or drowsy, cutting down on accidents and crashes.

Avnet offers a DMS solution that can help innovators speed up the development of their own DMS. On top of the detection algorithm from Avnet, this complete end-to-end solution combines the NXP MPU Processor with the ON Semiconductor image sensor/LED driver.


  • Driver’s drowsiness detection
  • Driver’s distraction detection
  • IR sensor (night vision) integrated on the camera
  • High resolution camera
  • End to end solutions (Including hardware and software)


  • NXP MPU: i.MX6S
  • ON Semiconductor image sensor: AR0144
  • ON Semiconductor LED driver: NCV7961
  • Maxim SERDES: MAX96705/6


Target applications

  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS)
  • Driver recognition
Taking road safety further


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