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According to industry analysts, there's vast potential economic value in IoT projects. However, most organizations are struggling to get their projects off the ground. Why? It comes down to building a solid business case for IoT and then lining up the resources to execute on it.

Some of the common challenges include:

  • Struggling to accurately scope
  • Challenging to deploy
  • Complex ecosystem of providers
  • Difficult integration among hardware, software and services

Avnet can help you realize your IoT potential from the start, collaborating with you to create a strong business case. Then, we can help startups, OEMs and enterprises design the devices and infrastructure they need to connect, collect and transfer data--on premise or to the cloud.

Through our extensive ecosystem of industry-leading suppliers, we have the technology, relationships and expertise to bring your idea to life. We can work with you at any stage in your product development and in any portion of your IoT project—from edge to enterprise.

If you need a customized engagement, we can do that too. We’re here to help you increase your profits and reduce time to market. You can work with our in-house experts to analyze and implement business decisions based on the data your IoT solution collects.

“Endpoints of the Internet of Things will grow at a 32.9% CAGR from 2015 through 2020, reaching an installed base of 20.4 billion units. In 2020, 6.5 billion "things" will ship, with 64% of them consumer applications. Total spending on endpoints and services will reach $3.4 trillion in 2020.”

Gartner, Forecast: Internet of Things—Endpoints and Associated Services, Worldwide, 2016, Peter Middleton et al., Dec 2016

illustration depicting IoT devices

Market-specific approach to IoT

The Avnet team never sees IoT as a technology or service unto itself. We see a number of technologies, services and standards that are integrated around a specific market application. Our deep supplier relationships give us insight into which of our partners is best suited to support your specific market requirements.

We understand there is usually more than one way to accomplish your objectives. We’ll show you the various options and guide you to the one that aligns with the skills of your team, your business model and your time to market objectives. Let our team guide you to the right components you need for different IoT applications in areas such as:

And many more.


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