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Optimize your global supply chain

By leveraging Avnet’s investments in global supply chain, manufacturing and logistics, we enable customers to scale their operations while reducing both inventory and manufacturing costs.

Not only does partnering with Avnet make your supply chain more efficient, you’ll get access to capabilities that you never could on your own. If you are like many solutions providers, you maintain large inventories of hardware in order to ensure timely response to future orders. You may also lack visibility into long-term availability of the hardware you depend on. That may lead you to maintain even larger inventory levels than would otherwise be necessary, to guard against non-availability of discontinued items.

These inefficiencies can lead to substantial capital investment in merchandise that sits idle in warehouses. Partnering with Avnet to improve your supply chain can minimize inventory on hand. Liberating those resources allows reinvestment into core operations, putting money back to work toward innovation that benefits the business as a whole.

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Supply chain intelligence and agility

Long-standing relationships with global suppliers enable Avnet to offer you preferential access and pricing for the latest hardware technologies. Our visibility into technology roadmaps enables end-of-life planning for the products you depend on far in advance of when they will be discontinued. Avnet can make timely last-time buys of equipment and retain that stock in inventory as needed to help extend the duration of your product offerings. That longer availability helps maximize the return on your investment in product development.

Likewise, when unforeseen changes impact production forecasts, Avnet can respond smoothly. Our priority standing with top suppliers and robust logistics network allow you to meet demands without interruption. In fact, Avnet has the ability to provide custom solutions on timelines that are similar to those our competitors struggle to meet with standard off-the-shelf offerings.

Unparalleled value for quality and consistency

Avnet maintains manufacturing, distribution and supply facilities all over the world, supporting global operations as a coherent whole. We develop documented processes for consistent builds that ensure product availability without deviation.

We operate as a trusted partner for your company, manufacturing and distributing solutions for you as a turnkey effort using your custom branding. As part of that effort, Avnet performs just-in-time procurement, hardware builds, software installation and distribution to customers anywhere in the world. No direct investment on your part is required to enable operational excellence at any scale.

Global supply chain enablement by Avnet can reduce costs, increase agility and position your company to provide better results to your customers.

High-value partner for post-sale support

Your partnership with Avnet continues to pay dividends after your solutions are delivered to your customers—for the entirety of the lifecycle. We can provide expert implementation services, maintain your solution after installation is complete, and then operate a technical support call center for you.

To round out those support resources, your customers have access to Avnet’s repair and replacement facilities all over the world, including exchange depots as well as refurbishment and recycling services. We structure our support services so that they are seamless to your end customer, enabling you to continue to deliver a quality customer experience while eliminating cost and complexity. We can carry your company’s branding throughout to help improve your brand’s visibility over the long term. Operations enablement by Avnet can reduce costs, increase agility and position your company to provide better results to your customers.

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