Microcontrollers - Kinetis & LPC MCUs

Manufacturer Part #: TWR-POS-PN5180

Features Point of Sale (POS) Reader Solution Overview
  • Smart Increasing performance, reducing space & power budgets to deliver more power efficient & intelligent edge node processing
  • Secure Delivering scalable security across the families to facilitate secure edge node processing at right price/performance rations
  • Connected Support for wired & wireless connectivity backbones while facilitating reduced cost of ownership for
  • POS Reader Reference Design for applications requiring Payment Card Industry certifications, supporting QVGA display
  • NXP PN5180 Contactless, TDA8035 Contact card reader module with KSDK driver support
  • Hardware and software, including all drivers, cryptographic libraries, NXP Secure Kinetis K81 MCU
    • Pin to pin compatible, covering range of performance and price targets
  • Chip-and-PIN keypad based on Cirque® SecureSense™ technology
  • CardTek L2 CT/CL EMVCo Certifiable Stack


Target Applications:

  • Point of Sales Terminals, Contact & Contactless
  • Automatic Teller Machine PIN Pad + Reader
  • Building and Home Automation, Secure Access Control
  • Availability: Sampling now, Launch Sep ‘16


Certifications & Testing:

  • TWR-POS-K81 PCI 4.1 Certified as PIN Entry Device (PED)*
  • PCI silicon pre-certification
  • CAVP (crypto assurance validation program) certified
  • TRNG entropy evaluation
  • EMVCo L1 CT/CL pre-certified


Microcontrollers - Kinetis & LPC MCUs

Smart. Secured. Secure, Connected.