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Kemet - H-Chip polymer capacitors

The KEMET Organic Capacitor (KO-CAP) is a solid electrolytic capacitor with a conductive polymer cathode capable of delivering very low ESR and improved capacitance retention at high frequencies. KO-CAP combines the low ESR of multilayer ceramic, the high capacitance of aluminum electrolytic, and the volumetric efficiency of tantalum into a single surface mount package. Unlike liquid electrolyte-based capacitors, KO-CAP has a very long operational life and high ripple current capabilities.

Typical applications include DC/DC converters, audio/sound circuits (mobile phone and base stations, smart phones, MP3 players), power supply inputs, portable electronics (notebook PCs, displays, SSDs, HDDs and USBs, digital cameras, GPS navigation systems, WiFi modules), telecommunications, consumer electronics (analytical and test equipment, high speed servers), high voltage applications such as 12 V to 48 V power input rails, densely populated circuits with space restrictions, microprocessor decoupling, and high ripple current applications.


  • High capacitance (10~1500uf)
  • Ultro Low ESR (3 mΩ)
  • Low profile(1.0/1.2/1.4/2.0mm)
  • Max voltage 75V
  • Safty (No ignition)
  • Long life (125C/2000hrs guarantee)
  • 150C available
  • Robustness to high temp/high humidity
  • AEC-Q200 qualified (T59x Series)

Target applications

  • AI/5G/Cloud (xPU) decoupling capacitor bank (220~680uf, 105C/125C, 2mm)
  • IOT: the back-up/swift, big current capacitor (47~220uf/6.3V)
  • Cloud (SSD back-up capacitor banks, low profile, high capacitance)
  • 5G/AI/Cloud switches( 12V-input, 100~330uf/16V)
  • 5G/AI/Cloud switches( 3.3/5V output, 100~680uf/6.3V)

Block diagram

Kemet H-Chip Polymer capacitors

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