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DC/DC Regulator Module

The SiC931 is a synchronous buck regulator module with integrated power MOSFETs and inductor. Its power stage is capable of supplying 20 A continuous current at up to 2 MHz switching frequency. This regulator produces an adjustable output voltage down to 0.6 V from 4.5 V to 24 V
 input rail to accommodate a variety of applications, including computing, consumer electronics, telecom, and industrial. 

Target applications

  • 5 V, 12 V, and 24 V input rail POLs
  • Desktop, notebooks, server, and industrial computing
  • Industrial and automation
  • Consumer electronics


  • High power density
    • Integration of high current output inductor
    • 10.6 mm x 6.5 mm x 3 mm low profile MLP package
  • High switching frequencies available: 600 kHz, 1 MHz, 1.5 MHz, and 2 MHz
  • High efficiency
    • 95 % peak efficiency
    • 1 μA supply current at shutdown
    • 50 μA operating current, not switching
  • Operation from 4.5 V to 24 V input voltage
  • Adjustable output voltage down to 0.6 V
  • Protection : OVP, OCP ,SCP ,OTP. It also has UVLO and a user programmable soft start.
  • Easy of use: Minimum peripheral components and All ceramic capacitors for input and output

Block diagram

Vishay SIC931

Vishay SIC931

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