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Laird Performance Materials - Tgard™ K52

Tgard K52 is a high thermal and dielectric insulator pad consisting of a ceramic-filled phase change material compound coated on MT Kapton film. This phase change coating essentially eliminates contact thermal resistance. It melts at 52° C and replaces all contact areas that contain air. 

Tgard K52 is ideal for LPWAN applications requiring superior thermal performing insulator material. It exhibits an ideal balance of thermal, dielectric and cut-through performance. Tgard K52 is a 3 mil MT Kapton film that provides superior cruch and cut and tear resistance along with advanced thermal properties.


  • Breakdown voltage of 4,000 - 9,000 range VAC
  • Resistant to tears and cut through
  • Total thermal resistance of 0.13 - 030 range °C-in2/watt at 20 psi clip force

Target applications

Thermal conductive insulator pad for use in audio amplifiers, power modules and switching mode power supplies designed as part of LPWANs


  • Essentially eliminates contact thermal resistance.
  • Provides ideal balance of thermal, dielectric and cut through performance.
  • Offers superior crush and cut and tear resistance.
  • Exhibits high-performance thermal properties.


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