ON Semiconductor NCP51705

The NCP51705 driver is designed to primarily drive SiC MOSFET transistors. To achieve the lowest possible conduction losses, the driver is capable to deliver the maximum allowable gate voltage to the SiC MOSFET device. By providing high peak current during turn−on and turn−off, switching losses are also minimized. For improved reliability, dV/dt immunity and even faster turn−off, the NCP51705 can utilize its on−board charge pump to generate a user selectable negative voltage rail. For isolated applications, the NCP51705 also provides an externally accessible 5 V rail to power the secondary side of digital or high speed opto isolators.

Target applications

  • High Perfomance Inverters
  • High Power Motor Drivers
  • Totem Pole PFC


  • High Peak Output Current with Split Output Stages
  • Extended Positive Voltage Rating up to 28 V Max
  • User−adjustable Built−in Negative Charge Pump (-3.3 V to -8 V)
  • Accessible 5 V Reference / Bias Rail
  • Adjustable Under−Voltage Lockout
  • Fast Desaturation Function
  • QFN24 Package 4 x 4 mm


  • Allow independent Turn−ON/Turn−OFF Adjustment
  • Efficient SiC MOSFET Operation during the Conduction Period
  • Fast Turn−off and Robust dV/dt Immunity
  • Minimize complexity of bias supply in isolated gate drive applications
  • Sufficient VGS amplitude to match SiC best performance
  • Self protection of the design
  • Small & Low Parasitic Inductance package

Block diagram

ON Semiconductor NCP51705


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