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IDT - Relative Humidity Sensor

IDT's relative humidity sensors offer high accuracy and fast measurement response times, enabling customers to improve overall system performance and feedback control. The humidity sensor ICs feature excellent long-term stability as a result of a robust silicon carbide construction and an innovative design, improving useful lifetime and lowering effective cost.

The HS300x family of relative humidity sensors feature a ±1.5% RH accuracy and six-second response time (rated 20% to 80% RH range in still air and does not require airflow).


  • Silicon carbide structure
  • ±1.5%RH accuracy (HS3001)
  • Fast RH response time (Typical 6 seconds)
  • 0.1%RH per year drift
  • 14-bit resolution: 0.01%RH (Typ.)
  • Low power consumption: 1.0μA average
  • Digital/Analog output
  • Extended supply voltage: 2.3 to 5.5 V


  • Measurement of water vapor content in medical oxygen
  • Measurement of humidity in appliances such as refrigerators
  • Monitoring the humidity of air in industrial processes
  • Climate control systems (HVAC)
  • Weather stations
  • Portable personal health devices 

Key Components

  • HS3001, HS3002, HS3003, HS3004


  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensing solution
  • Small form factor solution with lower system cost
  • Low power consumption saves battery
  • 14-bit high resolution provides extremely tight accuracy
  • Insensitive to environmental contaminants like dirt and dust
  • Small solution size saves space and BOM for compact designs
  • On board calibration reduces time to market
  • Wide supply voltage range eliminates the need for LDO/DC-DC
  • Fast RH response time (Typical 6 seconds)



IDT Relative Humidity Sensor



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