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In a typical IoT system, every connected device except for the cloud is considered an "Edge" device e.g. mobile phones, surveillance cameras, connected automobiles, internet gateways etc. The ability to analyze and extract value from data real-time is a game changer for all industries. Edge analytics is leveraged by all vertical segments - smart city, manufacturing, retail, automotive etc. Take for instance the automotive industry - With connected cars or fully autonomous vehicles, proximity sensors are critical to identify impending danger and play a key part in autonomous driving. These vehicle’s proximity sensor data however may never be pushed to the cloud because it can’t afford the lag time. When your vehicle is too close to an object for comfort, the analysis needs to be in real-time, on real-time data, in the car itself for a real-time response.  Once the journey is complete however, the proximity data may no longer be necessary (since the environment has changed) and that data could be even flushed from memory once it’s past the stage of usefulness. 

To truly take advantage of actionable insights and real-time response on Edge devices, both reliable, resilient storage and powerful analytical tools will need to reside at the Edge. This will help turn content into context and passive decisions into informed decisions where timeliness is critical. To address the storage requirements of these real-time use cases, Western Digital (SanDisk) has a portfolio of iNAND (eMMC) and removable microSD cards which are finetuned for the specific target application segment - industrial IOT, automotive, connected home & commercial. The use cases for each application are different & have varying requirements from storage in terms of performance, reliability, quality, temperature etc. iNAND 7250 -I is finetuned for embedded industrial applications like industrial gateways/PCs, system-on-modules (SOM), point-of-sale (POS) etc. that require a reliable & high performance embedded storage. Industrial microSD card is optimized for applications that require secure & reliable removable storage option e.g. medical/networking handheld testers, equipment, surveillance cameras etc.


iNAND 7250 -I

  • Capacities: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
  • Wide Operating temperature (-25C to 85C)
  • High Reliability & Advanced Health Status Monitor to proactively replace before failure
  • Automatic & Manual Read Refresh to prevent data loss of read-intensive data due to lack of periodic refresh

Industrial microSD card

  • 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
  • Advanced Health Status Monitor to proactively service card & prevent data loss
  • Power Immunity Protection to protect data from unstable power events
  • Automatic Read Refresh to prevent data loss of read-intensive data due to lack of periodic refresh
  • Secure Field Firmware Upgrade (sFFU)

Target applications

  • Industrial gateways, industrial PC
  • System on Module (SOM), Point-Of-Sale (POS) machines
  • Medical & Networking equipment
  • Surveillance Cameras & drones
  • Automotive infotainment



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