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Renesas - Narrowband Powerline Communication

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The flexible Renesas powerline communication modem solution enables robustness and flexibility for metering and building automation applications by using existing powerline. The Renesas PLC modem solution supports both G3-PLC™ & PRIME specifications, as well as global frequency bands such as CENELEC A, FCC, and ARIB.

Key benefits

  1. Reduced BOM cost
  2. Software configurable PLC modem supporting multiple PLC standards
  3. Fully certified protocol stacks with well documented API provided
  4. Multiple frequency bands supported (CENELEC A, FCC, ARIB)
  5. Very low power operation
  6. Easy to use tools to facilitate developers’ evaluation
  7. Robustness


  • High performance DSP & MCU core
  • High memory headroom (768k Byte RAM)
  • Very low power operation
  • 12-bit DAC
  • 11-bit ADC (ENOB 11bits)
  • Tuneable internal anti-aliasing filter
  • Integrated Rx programmable gain amplifier
    (-18dB to +60dB in 2dB steps)
  • Intergrated DC/DC and LDO

Target applications

  • Street Lightings
  • Smart Lightings / Home
  • Smart Metering
  • Building Automation


Renesas Narrowband Powerline Communication

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