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Molex - PowerLife Wireless Charging Coils

Combining the highest power transfer efficiency (Q) with industry-leading thin design, PowerLife Wireless Charging Coils support low, high and proprietary frequencies

Smartphones, tablets and wearable devices are becoming increasingly thinner and lighter in weight, but the need to balance this trend with higher Q performance inevitably leads to increased thickness and size. This places limitations on device designers as internal real estate shrinks. PowerLife Wireless Charging Coils offer device OEMs a compact coil with the highest Q in the industry for etched circuitry. As a result, designers will be able to offer wireless charging while still meeting marketplace demands for compact devices.

Key features

  • Industry’s highest power transfer efficiency (highest Q factor)
  • Low, high and proprietary frequencies in industry leading thin design
  • Off-the-shelf transmitters and receivers, available with single and multiple frequencies
  • Coils produced on standard PCB or Copper Flex
  • Able to accommodate multiple-frequency functionality in one thin assembly (e.g., low- and high-frequency Rx on one PCB) "
  • Customizable form factor available

Target applications

  • Consumer Electronics
    • Bluetooth headsets
    • Digital camera
    • External hard drives
    • Furniture (embedded Tx; +NFC available)
    • Gaming systems
    • Low-power appliances
    • Mice, keyboards, headsets
    • PC peripherals
    • Personal computers (as both Tx and Rx)
    • Phone cases
    • Smartphone accessories
    • Smartphones
    • Wearables
  • Automotive (In-Vehicle Networking)
    • Embedded Tx in Center Console (+NFC Available)
  • Medical Portable Units
    • Hearing Aids
    • Implantable applications
    • Portable units


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