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Molex - Soligie®

Soligie Printed Electronic Sensor Systems utilize a uniquely integrated design and manufacturing process to produce innovative printed electronic sensor systems able to incorporate a wide variety of components on printed electronic substrates.

Customers often recognize a need for a solution that can be addressed by new technologies in the printed electronics space, but are uncertain as to how to combine highly disjointed components into an integrated system.

Soligie® provides a single source for design, engineering and manufacturing process development. This custom process is based on a rigorous approach developed from understanding customer requirements, use case scenarios and functional specifications jointly developed with the customer.


  • Extensive experience and broad knowledge of technology, materials, and processes associated within the printed electronics industry
  • 10+ years as a recognized leader in the printed electronics industry, and uniquely positioned in serving the industry of printed electronics technology developments
  • Completely customized solutions to meet demanding customer requirements
  • Experienced in executing leading-edge, multi-million dollar development contracts
  • ITAR, ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008

Target applications

  • Aerospace and Defense: Environmental Monitoring Health and Safety Monitoring
  • Medical: Health and Fitness Equipment Diagnostics and Wearables
  • Industrial: Smart Packaging and Labels, Security and Logistics Devices Diagnostic Sensing
  • Consumer Electronics: Wearables and Brand Engagement


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