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Bourns - Current Sensing SHUNT Resistor

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Current sense resistors are recognized as cost-effective components that help improve system
efficiency and reduce losses due to their high measurement accuracy compared to other technologies.
While they are ideal for applications in virtually all market segments, current sense resistors are
particularly useful in helping developers precisely measure current in their automotive, industrial and
computer electronics designs. 

Resistors using thick film technology are limited in the low resistance they can achieve, ~20mOhm. To achieve lower resistance values, metal element shunts need to be employed.


  • Tight resistance tolerances:
    1.Typically 1%
    2.Helps maximize the energy saving
    3.Helps maximize the sensing performance
  • Low thermal EMF:
    1. Thermocouple effect of different metals in direct contact with each other
    2. Causes a voltage variation with temperature changes at the intermetallic junctions
    3. Typically a Thermal EMF of <50μV/°C (vs copper) is preferred
  • Shunts
    1.Very low Resistance values
    2.Made out of Electron Bean welded resistive element to copper sheets
    3.Die forming out of the metal sheet

Target applications

  • Automotive: Battery Management System current sensor
  • Industrial : High Current sensing
  • Consumer Electronics : current sensing

Bourns Current Sensing SHUNT Resistor

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