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Infineon - P7 Series CoolMOS

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The CoolMOS™ P7 offers 2% to 5% lower switching losses (EOSS), up to 3.9% higher efficiency and impressively up to 16K lower device temperature against competition. Compared to the previous 650V CoolMOS™ C6 technology it offers 2.4% gain in efficiency and 12K lower device temperature, measured at a flyback based charger application, operated at 140kHz switching speed.


  • Finely graduated portfolio and large variety of packages
  • High switching frequency capable
  • Integrated Zener diode
  • Extremely low losses due to very low FOM RDS(on) x Qg and RDS(on) x Eoss
  • Ease-of-use technology with fully fulfilling EMI requirements


Target applications

  • Flyback based low power SMPS applications including adapter and charger, lighting, audio SMPS, AUX and industrial power.


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