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Main Title - 201709 Infineon OPTIGA Trust B

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Infineon - OPTIGA™ Trust B SLE95250

Long Copy - 201709 Infineon OPTIGA Trust B

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OPTIGA™ Trust B is a  requiring easy-to-integrate, reliable authentication features. This security solution is designed to help system and device manufacturers safeguard the authenticity, integrity and safety of their original products. As a turnkey solution, it provides enhanced protection against aftermarket counterfeit replacements, thus helping to maintain OEM authenticity and safeguard the user experience.

The products can be widely used in application such as:

  • Battery authentication
  • IoT edge devices
  • Consumer accessories
  • IP & PCB design protection
  • Original replacement parts

Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust B robust cryptographic solution for embedded systems



  • Strong cost efficient asymmetric cryptography with ECC 131-bit key length
  • OPTIGA™ Digital Certificate (ODC) with device personalization (unique key pair per chip)
  • Turnkey solution including host-side software for easy integration
  • 512 bit user NVM
  • Easy-to-implement single-wire host interface
  • Size-optimized TSNP-6-9 package (1.1 x 1.5 mm)



  • Lower system costs due to single-chip-solution
  • Increased security with asymmetric cryptography and chip-individual keys
  • Easy integration thanks to full turnkey design


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